Definition of ejection in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of forcing or throwing something out; emission.

    ‘an explosive ejection of ash’
    • ‘The photoelectric effect occurs when photons of light at a certain frequency excite and cause the ejection of electrons from a metal.’
    • ‘The ejection charge initiates the delay detonator and propels the steel ball upward to 4-6 feet above the surface.’
    • ‘Those ejections form plumes of searing plasma hundreds of thousands of light-years long.’
    • ‘That was comforting - an ejection over land in January was far more appealing than an ejection over a rough ocean.’
    • ‘Emesis is the forceful ejection of the stomach contents through the mouth.’
    • ‘Cartridge ejection distances also differ.’
    • ‘The timer initiates the ejection charge which releases and disperses the tungsten projectiles before impact with the target.’
    • ‘Prior to the study, the two groups had comparable ejection fraction rates.’
    • ‘When a photon strikes the surface of a metal, it raises the energy level of the metal and causes the ejection of electrons.’
    • ‘As a result, these models do not provide us with any information on the flow dynamics during ventricular ejection and filling.’
    • ‘The smoke screen is produced when a predetermined fuze action causes ejection of the payload from the projectile.’
    • ‘I noticed it was also consistent in ejection, piling spent brass in neat little clumps within a couple of feet of one another.’
    • ‘Therefore, he filled in the simulated ejection ports on his molds and has never had a complaint.’
    • ‘Comets are continually being lost through decay, collisions with planets, and ejections from the solar system.’
    • ‘One host egg was missing following an ejection of an artificial cowbird egg.’
    • ‘Even in structurally normal hearts the presence of left bundle branch block impairs cardiac ejection fraction.’
    • ‘Core ejection from the lower electron to the right is not shown.’
    • ‘DNA ejection was complete within seconds.’
    • ‘As the crewmen parachuted into the water their ejection seats transformed into emergency inflatable dinghies.’
    • ‘The children sprung out of the car as if I had ejection seats, and were soon playing giant chess on an adjacent lawn.’
    emission, discharge, expulsion, release, exudation, excretion, elimination, disgorgement
    expulsion, throwing out, removal, ousting
    dismissal, removal, discharge, ousting, expulsion, lay-off, redundancy, notice
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  • 2The action of forcing someone to leave a place or position; expulsion.

    ‘the forcible ejection of a table of rowdy drunks’
    • ‘Lasorda knew enough not to argue about the call, which would have meant automatic ejection.’
    • ‘At any rate, Mieras got out through the hole the ejection seat left.’
    • ‘She led the team in ejections and field blocks, and was second in goals.’
    • ‘The ejection seat was nothing like the guys have today.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, the day after my ejection from the range, I mingled with the local TV people and newspaper beat writers.’
    • ‘A good number ended as they often do with the ejection of managers by umpires.’
    • ‘I only can hope my ejection will remind everyone of this rule that, quite obviously, is written in blood.’
    • ‘The absence of an ejection for Foy proved especially costly to the Yankees.’
    • ‘In the interests of Germany's diplomatic reputation, his ejection from office cannot come too soon.’
    • ‘Had it not been for his level-headedness during an extremely tense situation, this would be a story about our ejection.’
    • ‘The trio said they would appeal to the Zimbabwean authorities over their ejection from the country.’
    • ‘When I played, we had only one ground for automatic ejection using a certain compound word.’
    • ‘I am particularly sensitive about this because of my ejection from the Chamber yesterday over exactly this sort of issue.’
    • ‘Away supporters are to note that if they are located in the Home areas of the ground they are liable to ejection.’
    • ‘Any flagrant foul called will result in an immediate ejection.’
    • ‘DeLuca also had three ejections drawn, increasing her season total to 49, a new Macalester record.’
    • ‘Ejecting from an aircraft is rare, but pilots sometimes have to resort to pulling the ejection handle to save their lives.’
    • ‘He doesn't drive shiny convertibles with ejection seats.’
    • ‘That set off the first of two brawls, which led to 11 ejections.’
    • ‘Reports indicate that the reservists are coming under intense pressure to withdraw their statement, or face ejection from the army.’