Definition of eight ball in English:

eight ball


North american
  • 1[count noun] The black ball, numbered eight, in the game of eight ball.

    • ‘The eight ball fell into the pocket, followed a second later by the cue ball.’
    • ‘The cue ball causes the eight ball to roll into a pocket.’
    • ‘I've reversed banked many an eight ball to give my opponent a ‘hopeless’ feeling.’
    • ‘The cue stick slipped between his fingers, the tip of it barely scratching the eight ball.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ Mitchell said simply, then failed at shooting the black eight ball into the corner pocket.’
    • ‘Sure enough, everything not in a pocket was striped except for the black eight ball, which Violet was aiming at with a look of concentration on her face.’
    • ‘He swallowed everything from live fish to an eight ball, and they all came back up.’
    1. 1.1[mass noun]A variety of the game of pool.
      • ‘But winning at eight ball during lunch hour isn't his only passion.’
      • ‘They finished a game of eight ball and began another.’
      • ‘He took up snooker and eight ball pool, becoming good at both.’
      • ‘Often times, we hold back in the game of eight ball because we think we will end up with no finishing shot and our opponent will have a clear change to win the game.’
      • ‘In the game of eight ball you will be exposed to many pitfalls.’
  • 2informal A portion of an illegal drug weighing an eighth of an ounce (3.54 g).

    • ‘They are accused of selling an eight ball of coke to another cop.’
    • ‘We had done shrooms, and other psychadelics, but we decided that between four of us we would buy an eight-ball and snort some lines.’
    • ‘At the end we were doing an eight ball of heroin and an eight ball of coke a day.’
    • ‘The lab did not check to see how much of the eight ball was meth and how much was cutting agent.’
    • ‘We're talking people who need a abacus to work out how many grams are in an eight ball.’