Definition of eejit in English:



Irish, Scottish
  • A stupid person; an idiot.

    ‘don't stand there like a gormless eejit!’
    • ‘Aidan Quinn has been imported to take the role of the good barrister and Nurse Hathaway from ER is the barmaid who has a sweet spot for the eejit Doyle.’
    • ‘It was always a bit of a laugh watching on TV, the parades from around the world as 5th generation Oirish wannabes in New York or Sydney put on their green shamrocks, choked on their half Guinness and generally acted the eejit.’
    • ‘My fault for being such an eejit as to give a charlatan a fortune for dressed-up tripe.’
    • ‘He is really acting the eejit with all these bookings.’
    • ‘It's only eejits like you who don't know how to use them.’
    • ‘Some light relief amid the high drama: he gets the ball and clanks around like an eejit.’
    • ‘You know what galls me is that it is the poor eejits who give in to temptation just once get caught and others who go out looking for it every weekend, escape.’
    • ‘We must distinguish between the naturalists who like to frequent specific nudist beaches on the Continent and those eejits who are just trying to make a name for themselves in places like Murlough.’
    • ‘All because the eejit out in front thought that he had done enough and got caught.’
    • ‘When I wouldn't budge, the eejit in the high-performance car, decided to drive along the grass verge to get past me, such was his rush to get onto the carriageway.’
    • ‘He's not a revolutionary, just another eejit with an elevated sense of his own importance, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘Rage has powered him to greatness as a footballer and rage has made a complete eejit of him.’
    • ‘‘Well, aren't you the terrible eejit, altogether,’ exclaimed the mother.’
    • ‘I'm not asking you to feel me up to prove your credentials, you big eejit - just don't contradict me when I say you and I are an item, all right?’
    • ‘I suspect he's the eejit who did something similar in the Grand Prix earlier in the year.’
    • ‘Every sport has its areas in which you can make the most spectacular eejit of yourself.’
    • ‘Another voice, perhaps his own, responds: ‘How can he be an eejit, and him a poet?’’
    • ‘Ellie you eejit - did you leave the taps on?’


Mid 19th century (in the form eediot): representing a regional pronunciation of idiot; the current spelling dates from the 1950s.