Definition of edit suite in English:

edit suite


  • A room containing equipment for editing film or video material.

    • ‘This is great for freelancers and the industry in general as productions can be completed at more competitive rates and the huge investment in both camera gear and edit suites doesn't break the bank like it used to.’
    • ‘And you will need a three machine edit suite or a non-linear computer editing system to achieve this.’
    • ‘But how do I teach a whole class how to use a camera and an edit suite in one lesson per week?’
    • ‘For all that, the edit suite is the usual tiny room full of television screens, where every day hour upon hour of raw footage is reduced to a 30-minute package.’
    • ‘Six months on, Frears is in a Soho edit suite, finishing his film - to be released on November 25.’
    • ‘Equally, almost all music used on TV is dubbed behind or between a voice over and/or sound effects so the simpler the music, the easier it is for this to be done in the edit suite.’
    • ‘‘I promise,’ Adele nodded and Gus squeezed her shoulder before heading into the edit suite babbling about footage of refugees.’
    • ‘The battlefield provides all the things that make hearts beat just that little bit faster in the edit suite: bewildered children, stories of heroism, evil that makes you weep, triumph over tragedy or just plain tragedy.’
    • ‘Taking wing on a flight of fancy for just a moment, there may even come a day when footage will be shot and edited entirely on-board the camera, cutting out the edit suite altogether.’
    • ‘Davies has an edit suite at home and cuts together match footage to analyse.’
    • ‘But we still got very emotional many times in the edit suite.’
    • ‘The production and broadcast complex currently houses an on-air studio and control room, 10 edit suites and a number of news-preparation workstations.’
    • ‘Because of its price point, post facilities could afford to install the same mixing desk in both main rooms and edit suites.’
    • ‘Wildwood House conjures up images of an Agatha Christie novel, but the sleek edit suites and studios contained within its walls tell a different story.’
    • ‘You got the best view of Sydney skyline from there and the compact office packed with cabins and edit suites seemed to be a cozy place to work.’
    • ‘Each edit suite, for example, will have its own storage and delivery requirements, as well as inflow/delivery of media based on the desired operator toolset.’
    • ‘I had a really good relationship with the team - they were excellent in the edit suite, and had great things to say.’
    • ‘One film had gone through the mill of mishaps and survived until it reached the edit suite.’
    • ‘As I was leaving, the staff told me my chores for the next morning - not suspecting I would be in the edit suite at Small World Productions instead, assembling evidence of cruelty and incompetence.’
    • ‘Each student will produce a short, simple video, shot on Hi 8 tape and edited to the SVHS format in the off-line edit suite.’


edit suite