Definition of edifying in English:



  • 1Providing moral or intellectual instruction.

    ‘edifying literature’
    • ‘And in the interim, we thank him for this edifying initial look at his team's intriguing and very promising project.’
    • ‘His introductions and translations are scholarly, edifying, and link the mind with the heart.’
    • ‘Most of them could find nothing pleasing or edifying in its use.’
    • ‘Alas, it does not necessarily make for a more edifying tale.’
    • ‘Her captivating style makes these edifying reflections a pleasure to read.’
    • ‘It was here that the monk spent much of the day reading and meditating on Scripture and other edifying texts.’
    • ‘Speakers, dance companies, musical groups, lecturers, and vaguely edifying entertainments made the rounds; it was hugely successful.’
    • ‘No matter what you may make of his present arguments for the acceptability of covenantal gay or lesbian relationships for Christians, I encourage you to check out the edifying material he has put on his site.’
    • ‘But we know that this claim, although edifying, is not really true.’
    • ‘The results are edifying as neither expectation is borne out.’
    • ‘She's instructive, witty and fun - watching her show is edifying without feeling that way.’
    • ‘It was edifying to learn that France's alleged ‘war is not the answer’ policy is inspired by Napoleon.’
    • ‘Rather than show my disdain outright and attach my friend's moral shortcomings, I started to ruminate a more edifying scheme.’
    • ‘There are about 220 students following the courses and the epistolary relationship with the students is both edifying and gratifying.’
    • ‘In the end, it is neither enlightening nor edifying.’
    • ‘The goal of making modern allegories legible and edifying to a general public without compromising their timeless universality was fraught with risk.’
    • ‘But like everybody else in public life, from politicians and pundits to performers and poets, Stewart wants to seem edifying and instructive.’
    • ‘It's nice to have a mayor who has enough confidence in people to ask them to be serious about their city and know that the answers they give will be edifying, not small-minded.’
    • ‘It would also have been edifying if Gonzales' opponents had recognized the possibility that information obtained through aggressive interrogation can save lives.’
    • ‘The way I propose here is to consider how the biblical writers themselves dealt with difficult texts, that is, how they handled elements of the tradition which they could no longer accept as ethical or edifying.’
    moral, ethical, good, nice, clean, virtuous, pure, innocent, chaste
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    1. 1.1with negative Used to express one's disapproval of something.
      ‘seeing a person blind drunk is not an edifying sight’
      • ‘It wasn't an edifying spectacle: crazy youths, storming riot police, dogs straining at the leash - all this happening alongside frightened travellers.’
      • ‘People would say that this wasn't an edifying sight, this is wrong.’
      • ‘Let's just say that spending 75 minutes wandering around North Cambridge at 1am with a very drunk person who is sure that each road junction looks familiar wasn't massively edifying.’
      • ‘The antics of government ministers when it comes to accepting responsibility or, more usually, evading responsibility, when things go wrong in their departments is not an edifying sight.’
      • ‘It was not a particularly edifying sight to see him reduced to playing in a lower Scottish league.’
      • ‘It wasn't an edifying match, but it couldn't be helped, as the main event had been hit by two withdrawals.’