Definition of edible crab in English:

edible crab


  • A large pinkish-brown European crab with black-tipped pincers, typically found in inshore waters and caught for food.

    Cancer pagurus, family Cancridae

    • ‘You can sometimes find large starfish, edible crabs and squat lobsters here.’
    • ‘In the fissures are swimming and edible crabs, and also quite a number of inquisitive lobsters.’
    • ‘You might find edible crabs and even lobsters marching across the site, but I would recommend that you leave them there, as their food source is unpleasant!’
    • ‘Several large edible crabs have burrowed under the mast and others live inside the hollow structure.’
    • ‘Small squat lobsters hid their shiny red and blue costumes as best they could, while the abundant and often very large edible crabs stared back in their own stubborn way, unwilling to move for such a silly thing as a diver.’
    • ‘Some crabs, such as the Dungeness and the European edible crab, yield meat from both claws/legs and body.’
    • ‘There is a lot of life including lobsters, edible crabs and angler fish.’
    • ‘Funny thing was, I didn't see any edible crabs - or scallops, for that matter.’
    • ‘This wall is heavily fractured, providing an ideal refuge for squat lobsters, edible crabs and all the species of wrasse found in British waters, such as cuckoo, ballan, goldsinny, corkwing and rockcook.’
    • ‘The wall curves and a gully seems to be forming, but it turns into a cave full of squat lobsters and edible crabs.’
    • ‘The shelves and fissures which bisect these rocks are home to edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, prawns, squat lobsters and the occasional large common lobster, which will march out boldly to meet your intrusion.’
    • ‘Its sheer walls provide homes for edible crabs and squat lobsters and at one point mussels.’
    • ‘Common lobsters, edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, shore crabs and hermit crabs were common.’
    • ‘Other creatures you might find are velvet-backed swimming crabs, edible crabs, gobies and nudibranchs, and I once saw a cormorant chasing a school of panicking silver fish at 20m.’
    • ‘We found ten different species of nudibranch, as well as sea spiders, edible crabs, swimming crabs and sea hares.’
    • ‘Expect to see large shoals of pollack, bass and mullet as well as spider and large edible crabs.’
    • ‘Small edible crabs cling to cracks in the rock, but it seems too exposed for larger crustaceans such as lobsters.’
    • ‘Large edible crabs are everywhere, mainly females that are here to spawn.’
    • ‘The ledges at Meanish are home to some particularly large dahlia anemones, velvet and edible crabs.’
    • ‘This is a high-energy site - as well as a vast variety of invertebrate life we saw shoals of fish, a huge conger eel and plenty of edible crabs.’