Definition of ebullition in English:



mass nounarchaic, technical
  • 1The action of bubbling or boiling.

    ‘because the bath is now so cold, no further violent ebullition will occur’
    • ‘Clove oil can be extracted from the cloves if distilled with water, salt must be added to raise the temperature of ebullition and the same cloves must be distilled over and over again to get their full essence.’
    • ‘Everywhere from its ebullition frogs, gnats and flies came forth.’
    • ‘Temporal and spatial changes in bubble densities were highly heterogeneous, suggesting strong variability in factors affecting the gas ebullition.’
    1. 1.1count noun A sudden outburst of emotion or violence.
      ‘an ebullition of pure hatred’
      outburst, burst, eruption, flare-up, explosion, outbreak, blow-up
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Late Middle English (denoting a state of agitation of the bodily humours): from late Latin ebullitio(n-), from ebullire ‘boil up’ (see ebullient).