Definition of eating apple in English:

eating apple


  • An apple that is suitable for eating raw.

    • ‘Such a mini-orchard looks beautiful and provides between 200 and 300 apples to eat fresh or to use in apple pies and apple sauce from mid-August through October and eating apples and some pies through February.’
    • ‘For those who don't know, these are a rough skinned, firm fleshed eating apple, good keepers and one of the few English apples available fresh from autumn right through into spring.’
    • ‘While half of Nova Scotia's apples go to low-yield commodity products like juice, the vast majority of Scotian Gold apples are premium eating apples.’
    • ‘1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, a handful of sunflower seed and two grated eating apples are good in place of ginger and raisins - I find that dried fruit in flapjacks always gets too caramelised.’
    • ‘Wherever apples originated, by the middle of the third millennium B.C., tasty eating apples were being cultivated far to the west of the Tien Shan range, even as far as Persia.’
    • ‘I saw at the quay they were loading eating apples, which do not grow in the southern climate, and they will profit well by selling them at Kellmarsh market as fresh, which we could not do.’
    • ‘In 1917, he crossed Jonathan and Delicious varieties and came up with what some consider the best of both: a very good eating apple that also stands up to cooking - the Chieftain.’
    • ‘During the season, some of the local favorite old-time eating apples are Crow's Eggs Bellflowers, Black Hoovers, and Virginia Beauties.’
    • ‘According to some botanists, it is those hybrids, not pure M. sieversii, that became the ancestors of what we now think of as proper eating apples.’
    • ‘He reflected for a moment and said, ‘Well, the eating apples that we've grown on this continent would soon be gone.’’
    • ‘Mostly used as a fresh eating apple, Jonafree's flavor is like Jonathan but slightly less acidic and mildly tart.’
    • ‘Apples continue to be the most popular fruit with consumers who are spending €81 million on them in retail outlets - €74 million is spent on eating apples and €7 million on cooking apples.’


eating apple