Definition of eat something up in English:

eat something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Use resources or time in very large quantities.

    ‘an operating system that eats up 200Mb of disk space’
    • ‘Smith said much of his small budget is eaten up with weed control on the 140 hectares of wild space.’
    • ‘The administrative resources of voluntary organizations are eaten up by site visits from auditors, sometimes different teams from the same department who have no knowledge of the other's visit.’
    • ‘The problem is that he fears his profits will be eaten up by the taxman unless his spending increases with his earning.’
    • ‘But we moved in a budget year where we hadn't planned to move, so there were problems with the cost of moving and renovations, and any surplus was eaten up by the old space.’
    • ‘Bad inheritance planning can mean your legacy is eaten up by probate taxes, solicitor's fees and charges.’
    • ‘I had intended to do some work on the book, sort out my buildings insurance and washing machine repair cover, but somehow the day has been eaten up with other things.’
    • ‘Also, because of the requirements of the shelters, a good portion of each day is eaten up when getting processed.’
    • ‘Advance purchase is advised - otherwise, your savings will be eaten up.’
    • ‘You're saying that anti-war voices can't get on cable TV, because so much air time is eaten up by administration officials?’
    • ‘All of the city's loose change for the next three years will be eaten up by the police.’
    1. 1.1 Encroach on something.
      ‘villagers fear that the countryside will be eaten up by concrete’
      • ‘With many of the old roadside spaces eaten up by development, there was a move towards the towns.’
      • ‘With more and more ground being eaten up by multi-storey buildings, green space is fast sinking in the city.’
      • ‘Now so much of it is eaten up by concrete, and the rest has become a slum.’
      • ‘He whispered it again - war is coming - and then slipped off like a shadow does when darkness eats it up.’
      • ‘In 1699, he asked Louvois to compensate a poor man with eight children whose land had been eaten up by the citadel of Pinerolo.’
      • ‘Nearly all the reclaimed land made available by the construction of the Aswan Dam has been eaten up by insatiable urban sprawl.’