Definition of eat into in English:

eat into

phrasal verb

  • 1

    1. 1.1Use up (profits, resources, or time)
      ‘sales were hard hit by high interest rates eating into disposable income’
      • ‘The fear was that higher interest rates will eat into corporate earnings, slash investment spending and lead to job losses.’
      • ‘Much more hope was placed in diminishing the burdens on production which ate into profits.’
      • ‘Of course, charges and inflation are both eating into the profit.’
      • ‘That cuts to the heart of Hollywood's distribution system and eats into studio profits, even as it simultaneously creates new revenue opportunities.’
      • ‘But to suspend the wires above the ceiling would cost £10,000 per bed, a cost which would eat into already stretched resources.’
      • ‘Lending will expand at a faster rate because the lower interest rates are eating into banks' revenues from government bonds.’
      • ‘But it is still uncertain how much of the bigger tab companies will be able to pass through to consumers, and how sharply the costs will eat into profit margins.’
      • ‘Bankers have previously warned that raising the reserve requirement would eat into bank profit margins and raise the cost of funds and hence increase the interest rate charged to borrowers.’
      • ‘Transaction costs on small trades can eat into your profits.’
      • ‘Oil has jumped nearly 60 percent so far this year, stoking concerns that higher energy costs will eat into corporate profits and curb consumer spending.’