Definition of easy street in English:

easy street


mass nouninformal
  • A state of financial comfort or security.

    ‘£50,000 a year will put one on easy street’
    • ‘He's already in easy street and anything that might put an obstacle in the way to continued future earnings is going to make him hold back.’
    • ‘He knew something, and if only she could use it, she'd be on easy street.’
    • ‘Soon I was on easy street and raking in enough to build four houses on each property.’
    • ‘Sell to the highest bidders and then cruise home on easy street.’
    • ‘Clearly, Roberts has disproved his own theory - easy street is in plain view for this upcoming talent.’
    • ‘She lives off of the alimony and spends her days sitting in the hot tub watching soap operas thinking about how hard life has been to her and how she's finally hit easy street.’
    • ‘They should make a brave move and elbow Motson and Hansen who have been on easy street too long, now.’
    • ‘Last time I checked, someone on $50k a year wasn't sitting pretty on easy street.’
    • ‘If your laptop has Bluetooth and your phone does too, you're on easy street.’
    • ‘I don't think I've done anything wrong this year, but last year when I was in easy street my mind was clear.’
    • ‘The thing that might have been missing is the finish to put us on easy street.’
    • ‘With the exception of a Gerrard booking in the 19th minute and an injury scare to the same player (false alarm) soon after England were on easy street.’
    • ‘White's not some pretty-boy quarterback who strolled along easy street all through the regular season because his team was so good.’
    • ‘When a fellow inmate talks about his work detail out on a horse farm, Eddie thinks he's found his ticket to easy street.’
    • ‘Revenge is one of those movie vehicles that can take a movie down easy street with little provocation.’
    • ‘A gang of petty thieves make a big score on an armored van, but instead of landing on easy street, they find themselves on the road to frustration.’
    • ‘Irrigators are infuriated at the ‘freeloader’ connotation it brings and say the reality is far from easy street.’
    • ‘Quins looked to be on easy street, but that was without taking into account those amazing few minutes of injury time.’
    • ‘He'll teach the class some skills they could us for the project but beyond that there is nothing but easy street in this class, meaning a stress free class for me.’
    • ‘Whenever you think you're on easy street, the universe always seems to throw you a curveball.’