Definition of eastern in English:



  • 1attributive Situated in, directed towards, or facing the east.

    ‘the eastern slopes of the mountain’
    ‘eastern Spain’
    • ‘They would totally obscure the view of the Tower from the eastern aspect.’
    • ‘The heatwave which for days has enveloped eastern America is about to explode.’
    • ‘For different reasons, parts of temperate eastern Asia also experience quite cold winters.’
    • ‘Maybe some in eastern Oklahoma, and Mississippi and Tennessee may get some storms as well.’
    • ‘For observers in Europe, the Moon will be low in the sky, just above the eastern horizon.’
    • ‘In the eastern Mediterranean a wind blows out from Libya and Egypt, known as the Khamsin.’
    • ‘The Andes form a barrier to the eastern margin of the South Pacific anticyclone.’
    • ‘Its eastern part exhibits some discrete, strong and positive magnetic anomalies.’
    • ‘The eastern coast is hot, very wet, subject to cyclones, and densely clad with rainforest.’
    • ‘It then appears very low in the eastern sky at about an hour and a half before sunrise.’
    • ‘Such evidence seems to point to an area in the northern part of eastern Europe.’
    • ‘They munch locusts all winter in southern and eastern Africa, then fly back here before Easter to nest.’
    • ‘The area around Valencia on the eastern coast was particularly hit by the action.’
    • ‘In the eastern area, the food is heavier, with more of an accent on mutton and pork.’
    • ‘He has also worked in the southern and eastern divisions as well as HQ at Hutton.’
    • ‘Any presidential candidate has had to woo support from the northern and eastern industrial cities.’
    • ‘The term La Niña refers to the extensive cooling of the central and eastern Pacific.’
    • ‘The disturbances continued until December and spread to much of southern and eastern England.’
    • ‘The divide between the eastern seaboard and the rural interior is stark.’
    • ‘In contrast, eastern boundary currents on the east of the ocean basins tend to be broad and slow.’
    • ‘Where were you people when eastern Canada was hit with the ice storm of the century?’
    1. 1.1 (of a wind) blowing from the east.
      easterly, eastwardly, oriental
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  • 2Living in or originating from the regions or countries to the east of Europe.

    ‘an Eastern mystic’
    • ‘Today was like any other day in the life of a Flu victim living in a traditional eastern family.’
    • ‘The diversity of far eastern cinema today is as impressive as its quality.’
    • ‘Like most of the others, he wore extravagant clothes made from the finest eastern silks and fabrics.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before the group discovered a demand for Eastern music in Europe.’
    • ‘The eastern and western musical forms then combined in pieces by West Wales composer Peter Stacey.’
    1. 2.1 Relating to or characteristic of the East or its inhabitants.
      ‘Eastern philosophy and culture’
      • ‘This is because our eastern philosophy and culture teaches us to revere life in all its forms.’
      • ‘As a teenager she went to talks on eastern thought at the Vedanta Society.’
      • ‘Tens of thousands of people flocked to Heaton Park at the weekend for a feast of eastern culture.’
      • ‘However, this happy juxtaposition of Eastern style and Western living has not always been so effortless.’
      • ‘For research purposes, I'm looking for books on eastern magic practices and culture.’
      • ‘A clearer insight can be developed from a number of eastern traditions or from a Marxist tradition.’


Old English ēasterne (as east, -ern).