Definition of earthling in English:



  • (in science fiction) a word used by aliens to refer to an inhabitant of the earth.

    as modifier ‘this was perfectly normal earthling behaviour’
    • ‘I'm real, and most earthlings can bear very little reality.’
    • ‘She growled, staring down at the girl, ‘Earthlings… earthlings ruined my life.’
    • ‘Clearly, the act of flying incorporates unusual powers, freedom from obedience to ordinary rules of gravity required of earthlings, and a corresponding risk of falling.’
    • ‘Iye looked thoughtful for a moment before replying with a grin, ‘Now that you mention it, yes I suppose I am an alien to you earthlings.’’
    • ‘Tremble, earthlings, at powers you cannot hope to understand.’
    • ‘The virus could attack earthlings depending on the atmospheric transport and mixing, leading to a fall-out continuing seasonally over a few years, he warned.’
    • ‘My theory leads me to believe that if we were suddenly attacked by little, green men wielding powerful laser guns, we would come together as earthlings to defend our planet.’
    • ‘Whoever built the Great Pyramid had access to some information outside of that which earthlings had at the time, at least earthlings as we know them.’
    • ‘Jen's house began to fill up with little earthlings.’
    • ‘This is the story of a planetarian who falls in love with one of the earthlings who visits his planet and escapes to earth on their spaceship.’
    • ‘Until then, we earthlings can continue to look for microscopic visitors, or their fossil remnants, that might reside in meteorites from Mars or from other worlds.’
    • ‘Three of our space probes have left the solar system altogether and are now adrift in interstellar space, carrying earthlings' assorted greetings to whoever stumbles upon them.’
    • ‘He'd keep me up half the night explaining that we earthlings were not alone.’
    • ‘Martians have developed practically all the areas of their brains - all the paranormal faculties - that are still latent for part of the earthlings.’
    • ‘He is the author of a kitschy science fiction novel about an earthling who decides to pay back his student loan by teaching English on a distant planet.’
    • ‘It was the time when Halley's comet paid earthlings a visit.’
    • ‘People from other planets will pick up stranded earthlings in their rockets.’
    • ‘Unlike the rest of the time, this furry little alien wasn't trying to comment on things that us earthlings grasp naturally.’
    • ‘A good example of the overlap is in the popular belief that mysterious intelligent and beneficent extraterrestrial beings are visiting earthlings and floating them aboard spaceships.’
    • ‘And even though this is fairly rare, there is nothing for earthlings to worry about, astronomer Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory said on Tuesday.’
    person, human being, personage, mortal, member of the human race
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