Definition of earshot in English:



mass noun
  • The range or distance over which one can hear or be heard.

    ‘she waited until he was out of earshot before continuing’
    • ‘He will tell it to anyone who is in earshot and who he thinks can exert influence.’
    • ‘As soon as she was out of sight, though not earshot, she heard them talking about her.’
    • ‘I live within earshot of the airfield and get an enormous thrill from hearing and watching the activities on the airfield.’
    • ‘The only living beings in earshot were us, the cows and the sheep.’
    • ‘When I felt he was out of earshot, I burst into a fit of laughs and Danny did the same.’
    • ‘It seems everyone has an opinion on the goings on of the pitch and are not coy about sharing it with anyone within earshot.’
    • ‘The woman snapped back, and the rest of the argument was lost on Lily as she passed out of earshot.’
    • ‘They let everyone within earshot know that they want their meal and they want it right away.’
    • ‘There's something I want to talk with you about while Tim is conveniently out of earshot at the back of the stage.’
    • ‘I looked around and saw Josh flipping through the channels on the tv, out of earshot.’
    • ‘Everyone's a critic, but only reviewers get to broadcast their opinions beyond earshot.’
    • ‘He said it as quietly as he could, but anyone in earshot was already drawn to eavesdrop by the woman's outburst.’
    • ‘As I walked away, she made a snide remark about me to the others while I was still within earshot.’
    • ‘They waited until they thought he was out of earshot before they started talking.’
    • ‘I was out of sight of the wall, but not, I thought, out of earshot, and I did not want either of the horses to neigh loudly.’
    • ‘When she was safely out of earshot, they burst out laughing in astonishment and glee.’
    • ‘Waiting 'til her daughter was out of earshot, she aimed her anger and resentment at Mitch.’
    • ‘Kirstie found herself wishing fervently that she was within earshot of the others.’
    • ‘What I hadn't realised, though was that it had happened pretty much as soon I was out of earshot round the corner.’
    • ‘Five officers rushed onto the pier, which was the quickest way to get within earshot of the man, to try to talk to him.’
    hearing distance, hearing, distance, range
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