Definition of earlobe in English:



  • A soft, rounded fleshy part hanging from the lower margin of the ear.

    • ‘Despite active service during the entire war he escaped unscathed apart from a nick out of his ear lobe caused by a sniper's bullet.’
    • ‘Ticks most often sting in the areas around the neck, behind the ear lobe and in the groin area.’
    • ‘When the outer ear, the area between the earlobe and the eardrum, becomes infected it's known as ‘swimmer's ear’.’
    • ‘The primary symptom of otitis externa is ear pain, which can be severe and gets worse when the earlobe or other exterior part of the ear is touched or moved.’
    • ‘She had brownish hair that stopped a little bit under her ear lobes, and I hated to admit it but she was a little pretty.’
    • ‘Eddie reached up and fingered his right ear lobe gingerly.’
    • ‘For example, the nickel found in some jewellery may cause eczema on the ear lobes, wrists, and around the neck.’
    • ‘The pain often gets worse when the outer part of the ear or earlobe is touched.’
    • ‘A hole is pierced through the fatty tissue of the earlobe and an earring (usually a small gold stud) is inserted.’
    • ‘Ear piercing of fatty tissue on the ear lobe is regulated, but the increasingly fashionable procedure on the cartilage is classified as body-piercing, which is uncontrolled.’
    • ‘A useful guide to whether a patient has parotid enlargement is to look for outward deflection of the ear lobe, which is seen in true parotid swelling.’
    • ‘The girl had a rash on her earlobe and a painful lump just below the lobe.’
    • ‘A quick pull on the earlobe, a push on the tragus and a look into the canal confirmed the diagnosis of external otitis.’
    • ‘Upon closer inspection I also noticed a tiny stud on his left ear lobe.’
    • ‘Help the water run out of your ears by turning your head to each side and pulling the earlobe in different directions.’
    • ‘A bad infection can be recognized by pain experienced while chewing, or by discomfort noticed when tugging on the earlobes.’
    • ‘Antitragus piercing is performed through the ridge of cartilage immediately above the earlobe.’
    • ‘I've recently noticed a swelling on my jawbone just below my earlobe.’
    • ‘The money was used to buy a pulse oximeter, a hand-held piece of equipment which is attached to an ear lobe or finger and checks lung function quickly and easily.’
    • ‘He wouldn't let go of his grip on her as he kissed her ear lobe delicately.’