Definition of each in English:


pronoun & determiner

  • Used to refer to every one of two or more people or things, regarded and identified separately.

    [as determiner] ‘each battery is in a separate compartment’
    ‘each one of us was asked what went on’
    [as pronoun] ‘Derek had money from each of his five uncles’
    ‘they each have their own personality’
    every one, each one, each and every one, one and all, all, the whole lot
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  • To, for, or by every one of a group (used after a noun or an amount)

    ‘the cameras cost £35 each’
    ‘Paul and Bill have a glass each’
    • ‘German women are having less than 1.4 children each - only two thirds the level needed to maintain zero population growth.’
    • ‘The glasses only cost $0.85 each, but the minimum order is for 25 pairs.’
    • ‘Four seminars were held in July, one each for trustees, presidents, deans, and school heads.’
    • ‘I divided the specimens into three groups of about twenty each and handed out the first group after my talk.’
    • ‘When we got married I think we maybe had 10 books each, including novels by Sir Walter Scott.’
    • ‘Cinema-goers paid 20p each to become the inaugural customers at the 10-screen multiplex.’
    apiece, per person, per capita, to each, for each, from each, individually, respectively
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  • each and every

    • Every single (used for emphasis)

      ‘taking each and every opportunity’
      ‘I look forward to seeing each and every one of you’
      • ‘Great credit goes to each and every one of the players and their management team.’
      • ‘It is, however, a problem that each and every country has to tackle in a structural way.’
      • ‘The certainty that each and every plan will be thwarted deflates any suspense the film may try to generate.’
      • ‘They will need to know what their medical expenses are at each and every point during the year.’
      • ‘The regular cash that came in, each and every month, enabled people to feed themselves and to pay the bills.’
      • ‘Nonetheless my thoughts and best wishes are with each and every athlete who will wear the British colours.’
      • ‘With a complete script, each and every frame of the film is very clear in my mind.’
      • ‘Thank you to each and every one of you who left a nice comment or sent me an email.’
      • ‘We should enjoy each and every of these small things in our lives to the fullest.’
      • ‘It is a rare opportunity for each and every individual member to say what he or she thinks.’
      every, each and every, every single
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Old English ǣlc; related to Dutch elk and German jeglich, based on a West Germanic phrase meaning ever alike (see aye, alike).