Definition of duvet in English:



  • 1A soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fibre, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets.

    • ‘Moreover, its production creates less than half the greenhouse gases normally generated in producing synthetic fillings for duvets and pillows.’
    • ‘Wanted for the Irish emigrant centres and Irish elderly living alone, the following items are required, duvets and covers, blankets, sheets and mens warm clean clothing.’
    • ‘Do not use duvets, quilts, cot bumpers or sheepskins that may increase the risk of overheating.’
    • ‘Do not use a duvet, quilt or pillow until your baby is over one year old.’
    • ‘Work hard to minimize house dust mites, particularly in his bedroom, by regular vacuuming, washing of bed linen and duvets, pillows, curtains and so on.’
    • ‘There were no fancy high-count sheets or plush duvets, but the bedding wasn't scratchy or thin, either.’
    • ‘The animal foundation is always in need of donations of old blankets and duvets.’
    • ‘And to keep warm, they had to pile three duvets and a blanket on their bed at night.’
    • ‘All rooms share the simple, contemporary look: dark-wood furniture and bare-board floors, primrose sheets and duvets, with black-and-white prints of the relevant winery.’
    • ‘Used and unused clothes, together with blankets, sheets and duvets are most welcome.’
    • ‘Myra offers a full laundry service for duvets, throws, blankets, curtains, bed linen, team kits, etc. and her rates are very competitive.’
    • ‘We slept in twin bedded rooms, with sheets and duvets provided, and the bathrooms were stocked with soap, towels, hair shampoo and dryers.’
    • ‘To rid your dreamland of mites and their droppings, keep bedroom humidity low, wash sheets often in warm water and enclose pillows and duvets in allergen-proof covers.’
    • ‘You can help by donating blankets, sheets, duvets, guilds, curtains and other such items but they must be clean and in good condition.’
    • ‘Follow their example and get rid of carpets and extra soft furnishings, swap duvets for white linen and cover chairs or sofas with leather.’
    • ‘The hotels now offer pillow-top beds with seven pillows, cushy duvets and luxurious sheets.’
    • ‘A collection is being organised for the victims of the Pakistani Earthquake and the requirements are blankets, duvets, sleeping bags and tents.’
    • ‘The material is more associated with quilts and duvets; the inside bit, the bit inside the sandwich, as it were!’
    • ‘Use layers of thin blankets rather than duvets or quilts.’
    • ‘A collection of clothes for the survivors of the Kashmir disaster is now in operation, clean blankets, duvets, shoes and children's clothes and crutches are all needed.’
    cover, covering, rug, afghan, quilt, eiderdown
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    1. 1.1 A thick down-filled jacket worn by mountaineers.
      • ‘Thank the Lord I was wearing my shower-proof duvet jacket and winter boots.’


Mid 18th century: from French, literally ‘down’ (see down).