Definition of duty officer in English:

duty officer


  • An officer, especially in the police or armed forces, who is on duty at a particular time.

    • ‘On Sunday the duty officer called by to say that his wife would be visiting him but, as there were 50 people on the visiting list and only four were allowed into the visiting room at any one time, she would be at the end of the queue.’
    • ‘No one should open the armory without the duty officer or commanding officer being present.’
    • ‘The bodies of all the dead mines have been brought up to the surface, a duty officer at the city department for civil defence and emergency situations reported by telephone from Osinniki on Monday.’
    • ‘Those experienced police will include three new sergeants in criminal investigation positions and a duty officer.’
    • ‘For the past seven years, he the duty officer at the Lismore station.’
    • ‘That headquarters timed the exercise from the moment the regimental duty officer had acknowledged the call until the final regimental report was received.’
    • ‘The duty officer ordered police not to confront the offenders but to call for back-up from nearby stations.’
    • ‘Several residents also protested outside the Tin Shui Wai Police Station but left after handing a petition to the duty officer.’
    • ‘By that time, the duty officer would call out special messengers, who would then notify the population.’
    • ‘The duty officer promised to have a press officer call back.’
    • ‘I witnessed that with my own eyes because on that day I was the duty officer.’
    • ‘A duty officer at the mainland's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said the ban could be due to risk assessment linked to recent bird flu cases in Vietnam.’
    • ‘The squadron duty officer just had rushed into the room after receiving a phone call saying that a squadron P - 3 had ditched on a training mission.’
    • ‘But, thanks to my duty officer - there's that experience thing again - they had been given a heads up and had stayed late to catch me.’
    • ‘He works night and weekend shifts in the Army Operations Center as the general duty officer for the Crisis Action Team.’
    • ‘The duty officer gently broke the news to him and he finally learned the bitter news that his mum and dad were no more, tragically killed in a car accident only a kilometre from their home that afternoon.’
    • ‘There, the duty officer wore a badge, number 357.’
    • ‘After the word went out of the motorcyclist's death, the gun-totting prince went to the local police station and threatened the duty officer with dire consequences if the incident was made public, according to the reports.’
    • ‘If cells reach capacity the duty officer informs other officers to take suspects to neighbouring boroughs.’
    • ‘I rang the police, and spoke to a duty officer who turned out to be thirty miles away and had to be told where my village was.’


duty officer