Definition of duty cycle in English:

duty cycle


  • 1The cycle of operation of a machine or other device which operates intermittently rather than continuously.

    • ‘Maximum duty cycle is 65,000 pages per month and finishing options including sorter, stapler, feeder and duplex modes are available.’
    • ‘Finally, as this satellite system is designed for packet data, it is very well suited for millions of endpoint devices operating with low duty cycles.’
    • ‘One, the duty cycle is decreased in patients with asthma, which tends to decrease the tension-time index.’
    • ‘It will do a duty cycle of 35,000 pages a month and warms up in under three minutes.’
    • ‘Like all the other printers, they differ in their duty cycle.’
    • ‘It's a medium hard brake circuit so we've been able to do a brake duty cycle and things like that.’
    • ‘Most of today's major tape formats have a mean time between failures rated at over 300,000 hours at a full duty cycle, while most media cartridges have an estimated lifespan of over 30 years.’
    • ‘A phase discriminator samples the output of the oscillator and accumulates data representing the duty cycle of that signal.’
    • ‘Maybe they've had a repeat failure with a component or an unusual duty cycle.’
    • ‘Reliability numbers are based and predicated on an expected duty cycle and mode of operation.’
    • ‘I just never thought we'd have anything that would be big enough that called for a heavy duty cycle.’
    • ‘The technical specifications of a tape drive indicate how high a duty cycle it will best operate in.’
    • ‘As you can see from this method, the greater the duty cycle of the square wave, the longer the CPU is inactive; hence the greater the power savings.’
    • ‘A lower duty cycle will in turn decrease the average power output per unit time for intermittent exercise.’
    • ‘The magnitude of the reference voltage will regulate the pulse width of the output signal, as well as the duty cycle of the output signal.’
    • ‘The duty cycle is variably selectable with either first or second pulse width modulated frequency.’
    • ‘In terms of intermittent exercise, this means the duty cycle must decrease as exercise intensity increases if the exercise is to be repeated without a decline in performance.’
    • ‘The duty cycle was similar in all three patient groups.’
    • ‘In patients with chronic heart failure, exercise increases the duty cycle (by decreasing expiratory time) and decreases lung compliance.’
    • ‘The only accurate way to get results is to monitor the vehicle as goes through its normal duty cycle under real-world conditions.’
    1. 1.1 The time occupied by the cycle of operation of a machine or other device, especially as a percentage of available time.
      • ‘If you run it at 80% duty cycle, now you're optimizing your reliability on that particular engine.’
      • ‘The results for 1% duty cycle are pretty much invariant upon the heat-sink used and can be repeated by other labs, but the approach may not be representative for the performance at the maximum-rated DC current values.’
      • ‘The specimen was illuminated with an LED that was strobed with a 1/8 duty cycle synchronous with the voltage drive to the sound source.’
      • ‘Accordingly, it is possible to select multiply charged precursor ions from a background of singly charged ions, fragment them, and mass analyze the fragment ions with a near 100% duty cycle across the whole mass range.’
      • ‘A 100% duty cycle was chosen for ultrasound application.’