Definition of Dutch hoe in English:

Dutch hoe


  • A hoe used with a pushing action just under the surface of the soil.

    • ‘A good sharp Dutch hoe is a deadly weapon if it is used frequently.’
    • ‘We also included two widely available draw hoes and two Dutch hoes, making 12 models in total.’
    • ‘The head of a Dutch hoe is fixed straight like a spade, a draw hoe head points back towards you.’
    • ‘A Dutch hoe glides through flowerbeds, uprooting any weeds that have crept in to your planting schemes.’
    • ‘The Dutch hoe, with a blade shaped somewhat like a stirrup, removes weeds without interrupting the surrounding soil, chopping the unwanted plants cleanly at their base, thus discouraging continued growth.’
    • ‘Thrust hoes or scuffle hoes or Dutch hoes, to be pushed instead of being pulled, have not been so popular.’
    • ‘The flat bas tard file will sharpen round and square mouth shovels and other items that are fairly flat and straight like Dutch hoes, edging tools, scythes etc.’
    • ‘The Dutch hoe has a single, stirrup shaped blade almost parallel to the handle and is used to uproot seedling weeds under the soil.’
    • ‘Later on, a Dutch hoe, hand trowel and watering can will be useful.’
    • ‘All Dutch hoes feature an offset-tapered socket handle interface, with the handle secured into the socket by a single bolt and nut.’
    • ‘The plastic shaft of this Dutch hoe has a soft grip handle for added grip and comfort.’