Definition of Dutch auction in English:

Dutch auction


  • A method of selling in which the price is reduced until a buyer is found.

    ‘we aren't interested in quoting prices over the phone, because that only leads to a Dutch auction’
    • ‘Germany's looming general election has developed into a Dutch auction for the key East German vote as the country's two main parties woo voters east of the former Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘Such speculation only fuels suspicion, ulterior motives, dis-belief, accusations of Dutch auctions and whatever, anything but good for either the protagonists or the sport.’
    • ‘The final per-item price in a Dutch auction is determined by the lowest of the winning bids.’
    • ‘So there we have the master plan of New Labour revealed in all its imaginative glory; MP as investment scout, in a desperate Dutch auction in competition with other constituencies, or other countries.’
    • ‘In a Dutch auction, where the best bid wins, smaller, less-well-connected investors are on an equal footing with the heavy-weights, and are much more likely to get their allocation than they are in a syndicate underwriting.’
    • ‘Palliatives like the Dutch auction, even if they could overcome the opposition of powerful business interests, which is doubtful, could at most change the form of the disease, rather than effect a cure.’
    • ‘The final price of the IPO in a Dutch auction is the lowest price at which all of the shares are sold.’
    • ‘An institution of modest complexity is the Dutch auction, in which the price for an item falls sequentially until it is sold to the first buyer who makes an offer.’
    • ‘Because it used the Dutch auction, it knows it is getting what people were really willing to pay, instead of what a coterie of investment bankers thought their friends and cronies should have to pay.’
    • ‘The internet's most popular search engine has filed to sell 25.7 million shares - at an estimated price range of $108 to $135 per share - in a so-called Dutch auction.’
    • ‘The flotation - which set its price via a complex Dutch auction - ended up selling shares for $85.’
    • ‘I am not going to conduct a Dutch auction between you.’
    • ‘In a hermetic environment, a Dutch auction should price IPO shares about 3% below what the highest bidder is willing to pay.’
    • ‘Both proponents and opponents of online Dutch auctions of corporate debt say one thing is clear: The system works best for large, plain-vanilla issues with good credit stories.’
    • ‘Bought for something in the mid- £30,000s after becoming embroiled in a Dutch auction with a local who wanted to sell off the stonework, the couple then found they couldn't afford to realise their dream.’
    • ‘Now that the Conservative manifesto is likely to suggest slashing the licence fee, it is not hard to see a vengeful New Labour starting a Dutch auction, cutting and cutting.’
    • ‘We don't get into Dutch auctions for properties.’
    • ‘I am not saying we should try to outbid the Labour Party in a Dutch auction on modernity.’
    • ‘Plenty of investors logged on for all three online Dutch auctions, pricing was good for the issuers, and investors got their full allocations.’
    • ‘The company, which maintains tens of thousands of computers to help locate information on the Web almost instantly, has also explored the idea of a so-called Dutch auction, bypassing Wall Street and selling shares directly to investors.’


Dutch auction