Definition of dustbin man in English:

dustbin man


  • A dustman.

    • ‘So you can imagine how dismayed i was the other Friday when the dustbin men just threw it in with all the other waste.’
    • ‘A former dustbin man, bingo hall worker and factory cleaner, he is now the epitome of respectability, working as a civil servant for the Home Office in Leeds.’
    • ‘The dustbin men refused to take my rubbish yesterday morning for some reason only known to themselves, I saw them look in the bin and leave it.’
    • ‘But he's not the only fish in Irene's sea, as she has her own unsuccessful forays onto the dating scene and even makes a play for her dustbin man.’
    • ‘We have a dustbin man at the moment, but what I'd like to see for the people around here is a garbage cart, so that people would know when to put out their rubbish.’
    • ‘And there we were thinking we were making life easier for the dustbin men.’
    • ‘She even provides meals and a cup of tea for the dustbin men and they reward her with presents at Christmas.’
    • ‘The first deal I got offered when I arrived was from a consortium of 16 Armenian dustbin men, now I'm dealing with sharks in gold lame underwear.’
    • ‘In the case of top-up fees, the concept is based on the principle that it is unfair to expect the dustbin man who has never been to university to fork out the full tax bill to enable graduates to earn more in the future.’
    • ‘The ironic thing is that the regular dustbin men quite often empty it into their cart despite several phone calls to the cleansing department to correct this.’
    • ‘They were dumb enough to leave the papers out for the dustbin men to collect.’
    • ‘They are truly our dustbin men, employed by us to sweep up and bin the problems we continue to diagnose wrongly.’
    • ‘There will be no need to find out about the schools, the doctor's surgery or the dustbin men, everyone will effortlessly find their way to your door.’
    • ‘They might have been Dagenham car workers, Yorkshire miners, Scottish dockers, dustbin men or printers, shimmering spectres now from distant times when to kick against the pricks was considered admirable rather than merely pointless.’
    • ‘Go and be an anonymous dustbin man and give us all peace.’
    • ‘If the cold turkey does strike, the dustbin men will have taken away my fix.’