Definition of dust-up in English:



  • A fight or quarrel.

    ‘he'd had a dust-up with Vera’
    • ‘The US electorate already thinks little good about its politicians, and a convention style that substitutes designer presentation for traditional dust-ups is not likely to overcome this scepticism.’
    • ‘‘I've done this all across the country and I'm telling you, it's like my independent poll,’ she said after the dust-up.’
    • ‘There was a similar dust-up in Britain a few months ago.’
    • ‘With a full house behind him, it will be a pressure-cooker atmosphere for a clash that boxing pundits have tipped as one of the tastiest domestic dust-ups of the year.’
    • ‘The dust-up occurred during a wedding reception - the instigator claims she was just showing how easy it is to accidentally bite off someone's nose.’
    • ‘Now, if you're interested in getting to the bottom of these sorts of high jinks you want to see dust-ups like this because if things get ugly - and especially if they go into the courts - you know all the details are going to come out.’
    • ‘Yep, there were a number of dust-ups as tempers boiled over.’
    • ‘Also live this hour, a follow-up to the dust-up in Detroit.’
    • ‘The most exciting part of the night came shortly after the third pub, when I got involved in a minor dust-up with a smart-mouthed, chemically enhanced nightclub patron.’
    • ‘Now it appears that our dream is threatened by an unfortunate dust-up between the two New York blog elites.’
    • ‘An eventful series of autumn internationals saw Italy play Fiji in snow, a dust-up between teammates when England beat Samoa and, thanks to France, a Northern Hemisphere team ranked in the top three for the first time in 12 months.’
    • ‘Beijing has survived serious dust-ups with the US before.’
    • ‘One of these dust-ups involves nudists wanting more space for their activities and the public wanting rid of the nudists because of their activities.’
    • ‘But the idea has already set off scholarly dust-ups with economists who say targets could drive up inflation artificially.’
    • ‘We are ready to go back in there now, but this administration, I think, frankly, is trying to avoid any kind of a dust-up before the election.’
    • ‘In a society that takes pride in the mildness of its political debates (with the exception of periodic dust-ups over Quebec sovereignty), immigrant fiction writers are among the country's sharpest social critics.’
    • ‘He thinks the current dust-up about electronic voting is a political squabble.’
    • ‘Still, a political dust-up ensued, as the White House, overreacting to the overreaction of the Democrats, went into full spin mode.’
    • ‘In the context of this, because it was a dust-up over a reporter, I think a lot of people, at least we have this positive benefit, focusing on that outrage.’
    • ‘The dust-up over the diversity plan again made headlines around the country and particularly on conservative Web sites and blogs, where the UO has been dubbed the ‘Berkeley of the north.’’
    quarrel, argument, row, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out, dispute, disputation, contention, squabble, contretemps, clash, altercation, exchange, brawl, tussle, conflict, affray, war of words, shouting match, fracas, wrangle, tangle, misunderstanding, passage at arms, passage of arms, battle royal
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