Definition of during in English:



  • 1Throughout the course or duration of (a period of time)

    ‘the restaurant is open during the day’
    ‘the period during which he grew to adulthood’
    • ‘Walking through the city during the morning rush hour can be a bit of a battle.’
    • ‘We were filming over a four and a half month period during summer for 12 hours a day.’
    • ‘Now she is wondering how she is going to make ends meet during her four-year course.’
    • ‘This reflects the common desire not to talk of profit during this period of loss.’
    • ‘Its not just that, its past a time when you can leave your doors open during the day!’
    • ‘The plans will be discussed during a public consultation period to be held soon.’
    • ‘Climbing up ladders was part and parcel of her live-in job during this wet period in her life.’
    • ‘Those involved were people who worked closely with her during the relevant period.’
    • ‘The event I mention occurred in an area that is open to the public during the day but it is locked at night.’
    • ‘The mill, which was open to the public during the week, has had its visiting hours slashed.’
    • ‘So to catch these spring beasts you obviously need a water that is open during the spring period.’
    • ‘Customers were still able to use other online banking services during the period.’
    • ‘The chamber was opened during the day and misted each night for a total of three nights.’
    • ‘All that is needed is to keep an eye open during the normal course of your daily life.’
    • ‘Telling indications of the power of a free press were also manifold during this period.’
    • ‘The exhibition runs until the end of March and is open to the public during normal library hours.’
    • ‘For those who work in sales or business it is much better to take a vacation during this period!’
    • ‘Temporary traffic lights will be in use 24 hours a day during the period of the works.’
    • ‘There has been no increase in the number of cases of TB in the area during this period.’
    • ‘The Trust has been impressed with her dedication and hard work during the course.’
    throughout, through, in, in the course of, throughout the time of, for the time of, in the time of
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    1. 1.1 At a particular point in the course of.
      ‘the stabbing took place during a row at a party’
      • ‘That brings us to the period during which the rulings with which we are concerned were made.’
      • ‘If you had the guts to buy during this period, it was hard to make many investing mistakes.’
      • ‘One patient died during the follow up period, at seven months after the start of the trial.’
      • ‘A senior police officer said her husband had confessed to hitting her during a row.’
      • ‘Not all arrests that occurred during the study period could be included in this study.’
      • ‘The couple met nine years ago through mutual friends during a night out at a pub in Shrivenham.’
      • ‘Lord knows what it must feel like for him having no doubt spoken to the man during the course of the school day.’
      • ‘In May this year he was said to have put a gun to her head during an argument.’
      • ‘The advantage he gains is that he takes fewer strokes than his opponents during the course of a race.’
      • ‘Everybody goes through a blip during the course of the year and maybe we are having ours now.’
      • ‘His time in the car was extended when he was able to pit for fresh tyres and fuel during a safety car period.’
      • ‘How did he end up falling for her during all of their petty arguments and disagreements?’
      • ‘If during that six-month period you take time off on two occasions you are put on a stage two.’
      • ‘Many cars take pit stops during safety car periods so that they do not lose time to the rest of the field.’
      • ‘Two out of three patients who received a lung transplant during this period also died.’
      • ‘One of them said later that Mitchell had been in a row over a car stereo during the night shift.’
      • ‘On the strategy we made ground during the safety car period by stopping both of our cars.’
      • ‘She claims there was a row, during which she was hit in the face with a broken bottle.’
      • ‘Remember something that you can drag up during arguments to give you the advantage.’
      • ‘However during the argument, she cited my parents as a source for one of her arguments.’


Late Middle English: present participle of the obsolete verb dure ‘last, endure, extend’, via Old French from Latin durare ‘to last’ (see duration).