Definition of Dunkirk spirit in English:

Dunkirk spirit


  • Stoicism and determination in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially as displayed by a group of people.

    ‘Yorkshire flood victims showed the Dunkirk spirit as they battled the rising water’
    • ‘I mean, don't I get any points at all for Dunkirk spirit?’
    • ‘Flood-hit residents, buoyed by the ' Dunkirk spirit ' at the height of the crisis, now face the grim reality of life in temporary accommodation.’
    • ‘There's a kind of Dunkirk spirit in the air and some of the amateur aid workers we meet at a truck stop are upbeat about what they're doing.’
    • ‘"We soon got used to worshipping alongside the bar and a kind of Dunkirk spirit has prevailed," he says.’
    • ‘For as long as I can remember, whenever there has been such tragedy, the Dunkirk spirit has prevailed.’
    • ‘This is excellent, full-on Dunkirk spirit.’
    • ‘A councillor from Trowbridge has promised to adopt a Dunkirk spirit to help rid the town of its pigeon menace.’
    • ‘"The Dunkirk spirit just caught on and we went for it," the captain, 43-year-old Steve Johnson, told The Mail on Sunday.’
    • ‘Those who hope that this sense of crisis might actually help to unite the nation in a kind of Dunkirk spirit are deluding themselves.’
    • ‘The trust, still reeling from the shocking news that it must move from its home at Cracknore Hard, is determined to show the Dunkirk spirit.’
    • ‘The Dunkirk spirit would almost certainly have withstood those images of conflict fit to be shown on Sky.’
    • ‘What happened to the Dunkirk spirit?’
    • ‘There is a bit of a Dunkirk spirit.’
    • ‘Heroes old and new have been celebrated by people rediscovering the "Dunkirk spirit" in the face of the flooding crisis.’
    • ‘But I think for that last one there was a Dunkirk spirit at play.’
    • ‘But it was arguably a Dunkirk spirit of another age which got them into this mess in the first place.’
    • ‘He is not comfortable with talk of the Dunkirk spirit being resurrected in the wake of the London bombings.’
    • ‘So it was that Yorkshire's flood victims talked of the "Dunkirk spirit" as they battled the rising waters last year.’
    • ‘Come Saturday, he will be hoping some old-fashioned Dunkirk spirit can put him back in yellow.’
    • ‘Now is the time for the British to rediscover the Dunkirk spirit, the stiff upper lip.’
    patience, forbearance, resignation, lack of protest, lack of complaint, fortitude, endurance, acceptance, acceptance of the inevitable, fatalism, philosophicalness, impassivity, dispassion, phlegm, imperturbability, calmness, coolness, cool
    resolution, resolve, resoluteness
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