Definition of dunam in English:



  • A measure of land area used in parts of the former Turkish empire, including Israel (where it is equal to about 900 square metres).

    • ‘The 100-dunam village under construction near the Negev town of Ofakim will provide a home for 200 mentally and physically disabled adults.’
    • ‘True, they are not quantitatively symmetrical - a life of a mother or a child cannot be numerically equated with the construction of another housing unit or the expropriation of another dunam of land.’
    • ‘The largest landowner in town, will have to come up with $8,000 to pay back taxes on his 175 dunams, a sum he doesn't have.’
    • ‘Our parks, our forests and the hundreds of thousands of dunams it owns are used by all the people of Israel.’
    • ‘On the other side of town, in Issawiya, an additional 25 dunams were expropriated to build a military base.’
    • ‘The destination is Al-Bustan or ‘garden’: a Palestinian neighbourhood in the pit of the Silwan valley, covering 64 dunams, crested by a mosque, decked by conifer trees and home to 1,000 Palestinians.’
    • ‘However, what immediately sparked the Land Day uprising was the Ministry of Finance decision of 29 February 1976 to confiscate 21,000 dunams of Palestinian land in Galilee.’
    • ‘‘Instead of taking 1,200 dunams, now they want to confiscate something like 200,’ says a human rights attorney representing him.’
    • ‘I had four dunams.’
    • ‘‘I used to own 200 dunams [about 800 acres],’ he says between sips of tea.’
    • ‘According to Lebanese law, every tobacco grower is allowed to hold only four dunams of tobacco-producing land to make his living.’
    • ‘Earlier - a few months after Israel's creation - he sold 2.4 million dunam (one dunam is equal to 1,000 square metres) to the Jewish National Fund.’


From modern Hebrew dûnām or Arabic dūnum, from Turkish dönüm, from dönmek ‘go round’.