Definition of dumpy in English:



  • (of a person) short and stout.

    ‘her plain, dumpy sister’
    • ‘Carefully backing away from the newcomer, he waved a hairy-backed hand at his sour, dumpy friend.’
    • ‘In one hilarious scene, this frazzled, menopausal, dumpy housewife eyes up a parking space in the supermarket car park.’
    • ‘What really cracks me up about this pic is the dumpy assistant or fan or whoever standing behind her in boat shoes/ fishnets/ denimskirt/ tee and suit jacket.’
    • ‘Clearly Aunt Charlotte was and is more than just a dumpy aunt; beneath all that hair and sensible clothing was all along a real a killer, who needed only to drop a few pounds and have bleach and wax job and a new wardrobe.’
    • ‘A few seconds later a short, dumpy woman cautiously opened the door.’
    • ‘A short dumpy woman appeared from behind the counter.’
    • ‘Albania's debut entry is a typical europop affair, fronted by a dumpy girl in a cheap dress.’
    • ‘This theme was followed through in the aftermath of that marriage of convenience, as those dumpy princesses found themselves, well, dumped.’
    • ‘She wasn't quite lean, but she wasn't very dumpy either.’
    • ‘You see attractive women dating schlumps all the time, but when's the last time you saw a decent looking guy with a dumpy woman?’
    • ‘References such as this, particularly as a lead, reinforce the prejudice that talented women must also be attractive. What if the subject had been a dumpy figure wearing dresses down to her ankle?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, too many hits to the head caused a good majority of the players that stayed straight to marry dumpy broads.’
    • ‘I fancied that she imagined her wedding to the squinty-eyed, dumpy man sitting beside her.’
    • ‘He became well known for his woodcuts, which caused a frisson by taking liberties with the dignities of his subjects, most notably Queen Victoria herself, whom he depicted as a dumpy widow with a stick, walking a Scotch terrier.’
    • ‘Far from being short, thick and dumpy they walk tall as champions of freedom and responsibility.’
    • ‘Very soon, a small, dumpy figure in a shaggy brown overcoat appeared, lugging a large sack.’
    • ‘And my brother Dave and I - he's the shorter dumpy one - you know the one I mean.’
    • ‘Take them off, and it's like removing your espadrille wedges when you're wearing a smock dress (one minute, you're striking stork woman; the next, dumpy peasant girl).’
    • ‘Even before he recognized the dumpy bag lady, Sam was running.’
    • ‘A dumpy woman wearing maid's clothing picked up a load of dirty sheets and carry it to one of the washing machines.’
    short, squat, stubby
    plump, stout, chubby, chunky, portly, paunchy, corpulent, fat, bulky, broad, broad in the beam, well covered, well padded, well rounded
    tubby, roly-poly, pudgy, porky
    podgy, fubsy
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Mid 18th century: from dumpling + -y.