Definition of dumps in English:


plural noun

in phrase down in the dumps" or "in the dumps
  • (of a person) depressed or unhappy.

    ‘she was feeling a bit down in the dumps’
    • ‘Everybody is a bit down in the dumps because we feel as though we are a top-five side.’
    • ‘United supporters had been down in the dumps after the team's start to the season.’
    • ‘Scientists at the Babraham Research Institute in Cambridge have now demonstrated that sheep have best friends, ewes fall in love with rams and both sexes feel a bit down in the dumps when Dolly fails to return from the slaughterhouse.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It is a bit uplifting, from being down in the dumps - Kylie being born, Thomas getting married and now this medal - three good things that have come out of it all.’’
    • ‘I was a bit down in the dumps, and I started thinking that maybe football wouldn't pan out in the way I had expected.’
    • ‘I'm a bit down in the dumps right now but will be getting that dirt off my shoulders and doing my thing.’
    • ‘People think they know what it must be like at the club and think we all must be really down in the dumps but we're not.’
    • ‘Successive home defeats by Manchester United, Partizan Belgrade and Birmingham inside eight days left the 70-year-old down in the dumps and scratching his head.’
    • ‘So anyway, as I'm a bit of a photo freak who likes to chronicle his sad life when I'm feeling down in the dumps, I often look at my Caribbean journals.’
    • ‘It does a lot for us, none of us got depressed, and none of us got down in the dumps and thought we didn't have a chance to come back.’
    • ‘Next time you come across a grump in the dumps, flash him a grin and a cheerful ‘hello.’’
    • ‘They actually got up and started showing off and playing with each other, I suppose it's quite uplifting when you're down in the dumps.’
    • ‘In both men and women, common signs and symptoms of depression include feeling down in the dumps, sleeping poorly, and feeling sad, guilty and worthless.’
    • ‘I was a bit down in the dumps yesterday, but now you've cheered me up!’
    • ‘‘You look a bit down in the dumps,’ said Anna as I sat in the seat behind her.’
    • ‘Whenever I'm in the dumps, I come up here and it reaffirms everything that I think is really good and generous about this country.’
    • ‘Here's how to know when it's time to let it go - in a way that won't leave anyone feeling in the dumps.’
    • ‘I think that everybody is now down in the dumps for want of a better phrase but I am sure that we will not give up now.’
    • ‘In the end, rather than getting birthday dumps, he was simply down in the dumps.’
    • ‘Whenever I'm having a down in the dumps day I find it hard to write anything for my blog, so I'm letting you know that I'm down in the dumps today and don't feel like writing anything - much.’
    unhappy, sad, depressed, gloomy, glum, melancholy, melancholic, miserable, sorrowful, dejected, despondent, dispirited, disconsolate, downhearted, downcast, cast down, down, crestfallen, woebegone, low, low in spirits, low-spirited, heavy-hearted, morose, dismal, desolate, weighed down, oppressed
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Early 16th century (originally singular in the sense ‘a dazed or puzzled state’): probably a figurative use of Middle Dutch domp ‘haze, mist’.