Definition of dumbsize in English:



[no object]US
  • (of a company) reduce staff numbers to levels so low that work can no longer be carried out effectively.

    ‘make smart changes—don't dumbsize’
    • ‘Tighter economies, higher costs and, therefore, lower profitability in the early years of the new millennium led some companies to what the corporate community now refers to as ‘dumbsizing.’’
    • ‘Downsizing is the process of moving from big systems to smaller systems; it's called rightsizing by those who keep their jobs and dumbsizing by those who are suddenly out of work.’
    • ‘The necessity of out-sourcing maintenance and repair work has arisen from what has been variously called by some in the industry, downsizing, rightsizing, or sometimes, ‘dumbsizing.’’
    • ‘We have always suspected they wanted to dumbsize it, so that Ma and Pa kettle could buy beans over their TV, but this is the final straw for me.’
    • ‘I've been dumbsized.… Now if I can just turn this into a positive (like, now I can look for a job closer to home and not have to commute 2 hours).’


1990s: humorously, on the pattern of downsize.