Definition of dull the edge of in English:

dull the edge of


  • Cause to be less keenly felt; reduce the intensity of.

    ‘she'd have to find something to dull the edges of the pain’
    • ‘But it does dull the edge of keen minds, fooling those who really should know better.’
    • ‘A life-threatening crash could not dull the edge of his commitment, and still he cannot walk away completely.’
    • ‘Living-wage laws close off low wages as a competitive strategy, dulling the edge of employer resistance to unions.’
    • ‘In fact, his character is an example how overexposure dulls the edge of comedy.’
    • ‘He stopped seeing his friends quite so often, because she claimed that alcohol dulled the edge of his appetite for sex.’
    • ‘Day after night after day, only sinking below an alpha state when the exhaustion and fatigue poisons were enough to dull the edge of the pain, the spasming muscles.’
    • ‘However, vibrant as this movement was, the slow and insidious process of co-option began to dull the edge of militancy.’
    • ‘There's enough of the squishy stuff to dull the edge of the harshest road and make long rides tolerable to those with sensitive tail sections, and the nature of it lacks the overly mushy feel of some gel saddles.’