Definition of due to in English:

due to


  • 1Caused by or ascribable to.

    ‘his death was not due to any lack of care’
    • ‘This could be due to apathy on the part of locals or lack of knowledge that they exist.’
    • ‘As it is, their jokes fall flat and it is not due to any lack of talent by the artists involved.’
    • ‘It too was cancelled, this time on the previous day, due to the lack of a full panel.’
    • ‘We have had some pretty stupid rows due to the lack of sleep and worry as to what is it that keeps waking him.’
    • ‘Louis went to great pains to prove by an autopsy that the death was due to natural causes.’
    • ‘This increase and subsequent decrease are likely due, in part, to changes in freedoms and responsibilities.’
    • ‘We stepped in when news broke that the fair was under threat due to lack of sponsorship.’
    • ‘She also found signs of hypoxic damage to nerve cells due to lack of oxygen before death.’
    • ‘It refers to a blue tinge seen on the surface of the whole or part of the body, due to lack of oxygen in the blood.’
    • ‘The delay was due to a lack of scaffolding.’
  • 2Because of; owing to.

    ‘he had to withdraw due to a knee injury’
    • ‘Penner said that it would be difficult to expand the college beyond these future plans, due mainly to site restrictions.’
    • ‘Population growth in this country is exploding, due in large part to immigration, legal and illegal.’
    • ‘An employee at the company says staff morale is low due to the lack of job certainty in the future.’
    • ‘The central bank has noted that overall inflation has been higher than expected, due mainly to a jump in gasoline prices.’
    • ‘A small amount of hiss and distortion shows up from time to time, though this is to be expected due in part to the film's budget.’
    • ‘Yet aikido has a tremendous universality and appeal due not only to the power and grace of its movements, but also to its emphasis on the moral responsibility of the user of its techniques.’
    • ‘This year they have had the added trauma of a long wait in the estuary due to a serious lack of water.’
    • ‘It has suffered in recent years due to a lack of grazing animals and land being underused.’
    • ‘That year the group had been unable to put on a play with just seven actors due to lack of people.’
    • ‘Shels' supporters have traditionally been drawn from all over Dublin, due mainly to the club's nomadic history.’
    attributable to, caused by, ascribed to, ascribable to, assignable to, because of, put down to
    because of, owing to, on account of, as a consequence of, as a result of, thanks to, by reason of, on grounds of, in view of
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