Definition of duckling in English:



  • 1A young duck.

    • ‘She passed the large pond with ducks and their little ducklings.’
    • ‘He sings the praises of George, an elderly goose which has apparently taken a family of young ducklings under his wing and regularly helps shepherd them across the road.’
    • ‘All visitors to the area and river users are asked to be especially careful to protect the young ducklings as they are very frail at present and need to be taken care of.’
    • ‘The reader may have seen pictures of a mother duck leading her ducklings across a road, marching in single file.’
    • ‘They had a duckling that didn't look like the mallard ducklings that were there already.’
    • ‘Crows prey on young ducklings while foxes kill the breeding stock if or when the opportunity arises.’
    • ‘His dogs will be rounding up sheep, ducks, ducklings and geese, and guiding them through various obstacles.’
    • ‘Everyone seems to adore the babies, particular our very young piglets and our ducklings.’
    • ‘The final highlight was a mother American Black Duck and her brood of ducklings.’
    • ‘How wonderful it is to see the mother duck struggling to bring up her young brood of ducklings on Clifton Backies.’
    • ‘The ducklings are immediately led to water and fly after 45 days.’
    • ‘The ducklings are left to fend for themselves until they can fly, at about 60 to 70 days.’
    • ‘Twelve to 24 hours after the ducklings hatch, they head to the water where they feed themselves.’
    • ‘The swan nest at Kempten Promenade, which was on danger of being swept away by the rising waters of the Garavogue River, is now inhabited by a duck and six ducklings.’
    • ‘On Sunday trainee veterinary nurse Laura Harrison-Allan was amazed to find a male mallard and nine ducklings standing outside the pen holding the recovering bird.’
    • ‘That may relate to improved locomotion which is very important for young ducklings because they leave the nest and swim less than a day after hatch.’
    • ‘The other day while walking along the footpath opposite the park I noticed seven or eight drakes surrounding a female duck and her ten ducklings.’
    • ‘Within a few hours of hatching, the 8 to 9 ducklings leave the nest with the female to look for their own food.’
    • ‘Predation is known to be an important source of mortality in eider ducklings, particularly during the first three weeks after hatch.’
    • ‘Suddenly, there's a mother duck with a couple of ducklings off to one side of this road.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The flesh of a young duck as food.
      • ‘Those who enjoy Chinese style roast duckling with finely sliced wafers of ginger were catered for, as were those who wanted some Thai style noodle soup, and some regional curries.’
      • ‘Dishes included Cajun chicken, beef steak and mushroom pot, roast duckling and Cumberland sausage as well as a number of Indian balti offerings and blackboard specials.’
      • ‘In England the most familiar and excellent combination is roast duckling with apple sauce and peas, a dish of the late spring.’
      • ‘Mr Maclaine ordered the honey and pepper crusted duckling with a thyme polenta cake and a caramelised pear and vanilla bean béarnaise.’
      • ‘It promised such delights as swordfish, chicken jalfrezi, roast duckling, pasta and vegetarian dishes, to name but a few.’
      • ‘Among other treats, they enjoyed roast duckling, chateau potatoes, and creamed carrots.’
      • ‘Main course dishes ranged from roast duckling with a black cherry brandy sauce to chargrilled sirloin steak with paté and from rack of lamb to baked supreme of salmon.’