Definition of duck and dive in English:

duck and dive


  • Use one's ingenuity to deal with or evade a situation.

    ‘she was all for a bit of ducking and diving, that's how everyone lived’
    • ‘When I walk down the street I don't have to duck and dive, I can meet these people and talk to them.’
    • ‘Take a bit of a chance here and duck and dive a bit there.’
    • ‘Four Belfast friends duck and dive on the fringes of legality in an attempt to make a fast buck and improve their lot.’
    • ‘He tried to duck and dive the very serious matters that were raised under his rule.’
    • ‘It mostly seeks to duck and dive to avoid taking responsibility for the crass way this country is now managed on our behalf.’
    • ‘Mogoba said to make allegations of corruption was not a crime, ‘but to duck and dive is suspicious in the extreme’.’
    • ‘There are many who would circumvent the issue, duck and dive rather than handle the hot potato that the case has become during these last ten years.’
    • ‘You see, he may duck and dive, but he cannot escape the fact that the defendants have failed to prove in any shape or form that he acted improperly, or tried to act improperly, in any game.’
    • ‘Asked what Bisho's response was, he said: ‘They duck and dive all the time.’’
    • ‘They cannot duck and dive that question any longer.’