Definition of Dubonnet in English:



mass nountrademark
  • A type of sweet red vermouth made in France.

    count noun ‘Noel plumped for a Dubonnet’
    • ‘Christmas lunch is over, the Queen's on the telly and great-grandma's in the corner sipping gin and Dubonnet.’
    • ‘But in the '20s, she was known as the best dancer in London, and as she got older she liked to have a gin and Dubonnet every day.’
    • ‘Well, the quick answer is gin and Dubonnet, which she consumes in generous quantities every lunchtime.’
    • ‘Dubonnet is a classic vermouth and excellent to mix with lemonade.’
    • ‘His frothy poster girls, rendered with a rapid, flamelike line, entice with the pleasures of the latest novel or glass of Dubonnet.’
    • ‘Born in Paris in 1846, Dubonnet results from the alliance of wines from the south of France, with spices and plants matured over several years.’
    • ‘I found two that stood out, mainly because they combined Fernet Branca with Dubonnet and gin.’
    • ‘She emerges in these pages as a spirited old bird, who likes a large gin and Dubonnet before lunch, prefers to brew her own tea, and can do a mean Irish accent.’
    • ‘While there he claimed to have gained his closest access to the monarch, carrying food to her apartments, serving her gin and Dubonnet, and delivering mail to her room.’
    • ‘A typical day in her life involves Earl Grey tea at 8am, a gin and Dubonnet before lunch, racing on TV in the afternoon and writing her diary in pencil before bed.’


From the name of a family of French wine merchants.