Definition of dubitable in English:



  • (of a belief, conclusion, etc.) open to doubt.

    • ‘Here are no heights of truth overlooking the confused landscape of that dubitable domain.’
    • ‘But on the other hand if councils choose to use dubitable methods to make money for themselves, no serious investors will be forthcoming.’
    • ‘Thus it wasn't long before we began to hear dubitable dons mouth palpable absurdities.’
    • ‘Stories of his greed are dubitable.’
    • ‘But this solution has been found dubitable by many commentators.’
    arguable, disputable, questionable, open to question, open to debate, subject to debate, controversial, contentious, doubtful, open to doubt, in doubt, dubious, uncertain, unsure, unclear, vague, borderline, inconclusive, moot, unsettled, unresolved, unconfirmed, undetermined, undecided, unknown, up in the air, not yet established
    open to doubt, open to question, open to debate
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Early 17th century: from Latin dubitabilis, from dubitare ‘to doubt’.