Definition of dual nationality in English:

dual nationality


mass noun
  • Citizenship of two countries concurrently.

    ‘many of the Lebanese living in West Africa have dual nationality’
    • ‘Do you have dual citizenship or can you qualify for it?’
    • ‘On the other hand, dual citizenship is clearly well-established in the contemporary world, and it's only going to become more so whether I like it or not.’
    • ‘‘It would be nice to have dual nationality,’ admitted 27-year-old Kylie.’
    • ‘So she will be aware of her heritage and dual citizenship.’
    • ‘But flooding has stopped the consular official from reaching the houses of two more Australians, including a 75-year-old man, who holds dual nationality.’
    • ‘His father was an American World War I veteran, and his mother was French, so André had dual citizenship in both countries.’
    • ‘Had Oskar been registered for a British passport first, he could hold dual nationality.’
    • ‘She holds dual citizenship in Switzerland and Canada.’
    • ‘Piccardi's father was born in Austria, so she has dual citizenship.’
    • ‘They could do so because Rochelle's father is French, which gave her dual nationality.’
    • ‘As the daughter of a Swiss father and British mother, she held dual nationality and was eligible to work in sensitive war zones where only Swiss nationals, under the auspices of the International Red Cross, could operate.’
    • ‘Finally, all of this is complicated by the growing number of countries that recognize dual citizenship.’
    • ‘Stuart becomes the second Aussie at Huntington Stadium alongside Trevor Krause, but as he has dual nationality - his parents are British - the Knights do not top the overseas quota.’
    • ‘Now, opponents of dual citizenship want Congress to include sanctions in any immigration reform legislation it passes.’
    • ‘It has granted citizenship to over 160,000 people, most of whom are businessmen with dual nationality in another nation state.’
    • ‘I meet a girl who has American-French dual citizenship and has traveled to so many places that not only are both her passports full, but she had to get extra pages sewn into them.’
    • ‘Now anyone with Irish citizenship can play for the national team immediately as long as they have dual nationality from birth.’
    • ‘This should also apply to extremists who have dual nationality.’
    • ‘I hold dual nationality - British and Australian.’
    • ‘By law, individuals with dual citizenship cannot hold state office.’
    • ‘If your mother is a British citizen and your father an American, you have dual nationality at birth because of the laws of the respective countries.’
    • ‘Recently, Lou talked with author Stanley Renshon about our national identity and the growing concerns about assimilation and dual citizenship.’
    • ‘I was born in Beijing and then attended school here in the US, giving me dual citizenship.’
    • ‘The countries that were identified, Mr. Advani claimed, were those in the world which allowed their citizens to take up dual citizenship.’
    • ‘A Limerick native, Wogan has dual citizenship, allowing him to have a regular knighthood and use the title ‘Sir’.’
    • ‘A second change in the formal institution of citizenship is the growth of dual nationality.’
    • ‘Some 500 others have dual nationality.’
    • ‘The Knights already have one Aussie on their books, centre Mark Stewart, but he has dual nationality - his parents are British - so he does not count on the overseas quota.’
    • ‘Harry Duynhoven was born with dual nationality.’
    • ‘If this involves switching citizenship or obtaining dual nationality then so be it.’
    • ‘People with dual citizenship can move freely freely between South Africa and England and are excluded from the statistics.’
    • ‘According to the current Bulgarian constitution, people with dual citizenship cannot hold Cabinet office.’
    • ‘Foster parents should be willing to commute, be bilingual and have dual nationality.’
    • ‘To be eligible, candidates must be Bulgarian citizens of 21 years of age or above, must not have dual citizenship, and must not be serving prison terms.’
    • ‘He promises to make Russian a state language and give dual nationality to citizens of both countries.’
    • ‘However, a New Zealand citizen who obtains dual citizenship after the election loses his or her seat.’
    • ‘They offer you dual nationality now, but I still have an Indian passport.’
    • ‘The old rules are archaic and fail to recognise our generous views on dual citizenship; it's well past time they were updated.’
    • ‘He will be given an English and a French name, have dual nationality, and be brought up fluent in both languages.’
    • ‘And Carrey says he has no intention of giving up his Canadian heritage and will hold dual citizenship.’