Definition of DSC in English:


  • (in the UK) Distinguished Service Cross, a decoration for distinguished active service at sea, instituted in 1914.




Definition of DSc in English:


  • Doctor of Science.

    • ‘In order to create a similar product, Walker's chemist D. P. Callister determined Marmite's chemical composition, the research for which earned him a DSc from the University of Melbourne.’
    • ‘On Sunday, April 21, from 5 to 6 PM, Leah Curtin, DSc, will host a student nurse reception.’
    • ‘He received his DSc from Imperial College in 1950.’
    • ‘In addition he was awarded an honorary DSc from the universities of Bath, Brunel, and Liverpool.’
    • ‘Carol Boozer, DSc, one of the researchers, says she is cautiously optimistic about the study's findings.’
    • ‘The title he liked the best was always his DSc.’
    • ‘Mark F. Schwartz, DSc, clinical co-director of dissociative disorders and compulsivity programs at Masters and Johnson, a St. Louis-based sex research and treatment center, can attest to that.’
    • ‘In 1973 he received a DSc from Findlay University and was a professor at the Institute of Environmental Studies and director of the Water Resources Center at the University of Illinois until his 1994 retirement.’
    • ‘Leah Curtin, DSc, is another nurse whom great numbers of nurses across the country recognize and respect.’
    • ‘With her typical sparkling wit, keynote speaker Leah Curtin, DSc, captivated attendees during the session titled ‘Shared Values for a Troubled World.’’
    • ‘We read the article ‘Accommodating Latex Allergy Concerns in Surgical Settings’ by Esah S. Yip, DSc, with great concern and alarm.’
    • ‘She obtained a Ph.D in plastic surgery from Madras University in 1979 and was the first to obtain a DSc for her work on nutritional management.’