Definition of dry goods in English:

dry goods

plural noun

  • 1Solid commodities traded in bulk, such as tea, sugar, and grain.

    • ‘At the signing ceremony held to formalize that contract, some company executives were talking informally about supplying dry goods through Labrador and Newfoundland.’
    • ‘I would be very into it if we could stock up on supermarket-type dry goods and toilet paper and that kind of thing, but their website doesn't seem to feature that much of those products.’
    • ‘It's a corner store to be sure, but you can also buy all sorts of dry goods there, including Greek olive oil soap.’
    • ‘The ones neighboring it were selling dry goods - cloth, parchment, spices from the eastern islands.’
    • ‘Clothes, shoes, food, dry goods, water coconuts, soup and cooked food like jerked chicken or pork are amongst the wares to be had.’
    • ‘It is also an opportunity for the local people to stock up on heavy dry goods such as rice and detergent.’
    • ‘A Baltimore merchant, he opened a merchant house in London in 1838, trading in dry goods.’
    • ‘Locating him in the first place involved a game of hide and seek among the dry goods.’
    • ‘The rain had soaked what was left of his dry goods - turning his corn flour into a crusted rock and his hard tack into mush.’
    • ‘Popular organic food imports include dry goods such as tree nuts, dried fruit, black glutinous rice, wheat flour, soybeans, grains, beans and lentils.’
    • ‘On board are all the soft drinks, dry goods, goats and chickens, vegetables and building materials that are needed on the islands, and the mail of course.’
    • ‘Visit your local Indian Market for cheap supplies of all the dry goods you'll need.’
    • ‘Then it was off to a dry goods store where Heidi has connections with the owner to pick out material.’’
    • ‘The public health inspector cited improper food storage techniques, including the use of paper towels to seal perishable foods, exposed dry goods and the placement of garbage in food storage areas.’
    • ‘Flour, sugar, rice and other dry goods and plain biscuits were weighed out into brown paper bags.’
    • ‘When I was a child, supermarkets in Australia sold largely dry goods: canned and packaged food.’
    • ‘The door was left unlocked, and when I awoke, the dry goods were on the kitchen counter and the perishables had been placed in my fridge.’
    • ‘Newport based Eurofoods, has now become one of the leading manufacturers, processors, importers and distributors of frozen seafood, meat, poultry, dry goods and other products across Europe.’
    • ‘If traces are found, dispose of food that has been damaged, particularly dry goods such as pasta, biscuits and crisps.’
    • ‘So, it's sat there, dark, friendly and reassuring, keeping stores out of the way, providing a home for dry goods, and absorbing cans, packets and boxes of supplies as I've built up my defences against hard times.’
  • 2North American Fabric, thread, clothing, and related merchandise, especially as distinct from hardware and groceries.

    • ‘Gabriel unlocked the rooftop entrance and they entered the building cautiously, descending the stairs quietly into a storeroom of dry goods.’
    • ‘Instead, he had plowed his profits into less risky ventures - dry goods and banking businesses focused on safeguarding St. Paul's commercial infrastructure for long-term expansion.’
    • ‘For instance, some have taken dry goods out of their designated aisles and are merchandising them with perishables.’
    • ‘His interests include real estate development, construction and wholesale dry goods.’
    • ‘There is also a small clearing capable of accommodating a two-man helicopter landing and an underground chamber perfect for storing canned food, dry goods, guns, or uncut heroin.’
    • ‘My grandfather, for whom, in Hebrew, I am named, began his career one hundred years ago, selling dry goods from a wagon to farmers in southern New Jersey.’
    • ‘After breezing through the dry goods and shivering through the refrigerated section, I ended up in the check out line loading things onto a conveyer belt.’
    • ‘Amish retail shops sell dry goods, furniture, shoes, hardware, and wholesale foods.’
    • ‘Bill could stand behind the cardboard counter of his store and inspect the cardboard shelves that held his cardboard dry goods.’
    • ‘In 1890, most rural Arkansas Ozarkers lived near a country store, which supplied clothing, tools, dry goods, some food items, and a venue for socializing.’
    • ‘While dry goods can be sold for delivery virtually anywhere, perishables have to be sold close to the destination.’
    • ‘The China retail market for both groceries and dry goods is now fragmented.’
    • ‘The dollar bills and quarters would go into the cookie crock, and Waldo's wife would use them to buy groceries and dry goods in the town.’
    • ‘When Reagan was about four and one-half years old, the H. C. Pitney Store - the Tampico dry goods business where his father worked - was sold.’
    • ‘Members' husbands listed in city directories included lawyers and doctors but also grocers and dealers in dry goods, hardware, farm implements, and buggies.’
    • ‘Other workers are packing boxes of dry goods and preparing greens.’
    • ‘The Stuarts moved up to the retail trade with a shop in Banister's Wharf, selling and trading snuff, mustard flour, and a great variety of dry goods.’
    • ‘Once inside, the mice shred clothing for their nests, leave peanuts in my bed, and burrow into the dry goods.’
    • ‘It was here that Adams sold, in addition to furniture, such disparate items as dry goods, tea, sugar, brandy, rum, gin, and candy.’
    • ‘Stepping out of the General Store he dumped the sack in amongst the rest of the dry goods and straightened his back and looked around him.’
    • ‘The store was a busy place and sold everything that the residents of a country town might need, from dry goods and groceries to furniture, drugs, and hardware.’
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dry goods

/ˈdrʌɪ ɡʊdz/