Definition of drunkenness in English:



  • [mass noun] The state of being drunk; intoxication:

    ‘a growing problem of drunkenness’
    • ‘He said that one of the reasons for a rise in drunkenness was that people no longer checked the strength, or measurement, of their drinks.’
    • ‘The crazy drunkenness that had already ensued and carried into the night ended what would be a momentous week for many.’
    • ‘Drinking tends to take place outside the family unit and drunkenness in pubs is often tolerated, even expected.’
    • ‘Wine will not help; this is New York, where daytime drunkenness is frowned upon.’
    • ‘They all have an effect on the way we live our lives, and one of those effects is a drinking culture which reduces pleasure to drunkenness.’
    intoxication, inebriation, insobriety, tipsiness
    intemperance, overindulgence, overconsumption, debauchery
    hard drinking, serious drinking, heavy drinking, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, dipsomania
    inebriety, sottishness, crapulence, bibulousness
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