Definition of drumbeat in English:



  • A stroke or pattern of strokes on a drum.

    ‘she was aware of a constant, faint drumbeat’
    • ‘Guitars pile up and echo over a prominent, somber bassline and a locked drumbeat.’
    • ‘All too often, particularly in the early days of modern dance, the class was done to the simple rhythms of a drumbeat.’
    • ‘The same interlocking melodies with the simplified drumbeats that serve as a backdrop are present in these recordings.’
    • ‘But the drumbeat, as the baritone voice of the narrator reminds the audience, is an inseparable part of African music.’
    • ‘Characterized by hard-driving drumbeats, guitar-driven melodies and truly larynx-lacerating vocal work, this mix is your initiation to a genre of music that is heavier than a speeding locomotive.’
    • ‘The steady drumbeats echoed through the vast ballroom.’
    • ‘It quickly drops away to just Annie Hardy's innocent voice over a simple drumbeat and sunny synthesizer bass.’
    • ‘The praises were embroidered with rhythmic drumbeats, flags waving in typical colours and the transcendental smell of burning vegetation that engulfed the gathering.’
    • ‘The others joined in a second later, bashing out the bass line and the drumbeat with the force of a hurricane.’
    • ‘As the night melts in the heat of their music, the drumbeat reaches a crescendo.’
    • ‘A couple of minutes later, voices struck up an accompaniment to the drumbeat.’
    • ‘We do this because in Africa it is the language of singing, music and drumbeats that we understand more than any language.’
    • ‘The clanking sounded systematic somehow; not rhythmic like a drumbeat in music, yet purposeful.’
    • ‘The sound is decent, notably the loud drumbeats in the music, but could still be better.’
    • ‘When Kamal made his entry to the accompaniment of drumbeats, a frisson of excitement shot through the crowds.’
    • ‘The kids hit the sand, and the adults sway to guitar strums and drumbeats.’
    • ‘Eric Clapton's electric slide guitar and Peter Moore's acoustic guitar playing accentuate the silky keyboards, steady drumbeats, and ethereal vocals that define the record's musical persona.’
    • ‘When you listen to the drumbeat of a musical composition, it often seems that the drums are simply keeping time.’
    • ‘One mistake listed is that in one scene the hands of a man striking drums in the background do not match up to the drumbeat on the soundtrack.’
    • ‘The mix of eastern melodies with western drumbeats and guitar give the album and the band its very own pedestal in the music scene.’
    rumble, rumbling, boom, booming, roar, roaring, pounding, thud, thudding, thump, thumping, crash, crashing, bang, banging, ring, ringing, grumble, growl, resounding, reverberation, echo
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