Definition of drug maker in English:

drug maker


  • 1A company that manufactures medicinal drugs.

    ‘the world's second largest drug maker cut its profit forecast for the rest of the year’
    • ‘A medical journal is asking the drug maker to release all its data on the drug, claiming there is no evidence it can actually stop the influenza virus.’
    • ‘The committee voted 9-6 to approve the drug, being developed in partnership with a French drug maker.’
    • ‘The protection bars competition from rival generic drug makers for 180 days.’
    • ‘The drug maker's cancer-fighting unit helped lift quarterly results.’
    • ‘The FDA would be able to monitor the pharmacies much the way they regulate drug makers, including through inspections.’
    • ‘The cancer drug maker's stock dropped almost 20 percent at one point, after it released disappointing trial data.’
    • ‘The company's biggest shareholder said it is suing the obesity drug maker as it continues to fight for greater control of the company.’
    • ‘Specialty pharmaceutical and related companies are growing, even as the giant drug makers are breaking apart.’
    • ‘Google is working with a Swiss drug maker to create smart contact lenses.’
    • ‘Western European countries also regulate the prices that drug makers, device-makers, hospitals and doctors can charge.’
    1. 1.1 A person who produces illegal drugs.
      ‘today's operation breaks the grip that these drug makers and dealers have held on the neighbourhoods’
      • ‘Police believe the drug makers were simply pouring their wastes out the back of the garage.’
      • ‘Police seized psychoactive drugs and arrested three young drug makers.’
      • ‘For decades these illicit drug makers have scoured the scientific journals for new compounds that would give people a buzz.’
      • ‘A drug maker who videotaped himself cooking methamphetamine was sentenced to 35 years in prison.’
      • ‘Police report that illegal drug makers were providing one-third of the country’s crystal meth.’
      • ‘The drug maker added the toxic industrial chemical because it is 10 times cheaper than propylene glycol.’