Definition of drowsiness in English:



  • [mass noun] A feeling of being sleepy and lethargic; sleepiness.

    ‘this drug can cause drowsiness’
    • ‘At the stage of lethargy and drowsiness, cerebral function is affected and the person may not be able to think well enough to make an escape effort.’
    • ‘Last year, driver drowsiness was thought to be the cause of 40,000 serious injuries and 3,500 deaths on the roads.’
    • ‘The struggle against drowsiness and fatigue is the struggle for meaning.’
    • ‘The authors further justify the use of butterbur because it does not produce the drowsiness and fatigue typical of antihistamines.’
    • ‘I have had a few nights when I have had difficulty sleeping and pondered her case until drowsiness got the better of me again.’
    sleepiness, somnolence, tiredness, fatigue, weariness, exhaustion
    sluggishness, lethargy, listlessness, torpor, enervation, lifelessness, laziness, indolence, inertia, lassitude, apathy, debility
    doziness, dopiness, grogginess
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