Definition of dropout in English:



  • 1A person who has abandoned a course of study or who has rejected conventional society to pursue an alternative lifestyle:

    ‘a college dropout’
    • ‘The major limitations of this study include the high dropout rate and the short treatment period.’
    • ‘We had good numbers in the beginning but we've a huge dropout from the course because they're all very employable people that have come on it and they get offered jobs during the year.’
    • ‘Another new administration proposal is for college completion challenge grants, designed to help lower college dropout rates.’
    • ‘These agents were well tolerated, as evidenced by the low dropout rate in the two studies.’
    • ‘The dropout rate was similar in both study groups.’
    • ‘A new study suggests Illinois higher education officials should make changes to better serve a boom in college students and reverse a growing dropout rate.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, findings of this study are limited to potential school dropouts enrolled in alternative schools.’
    • ‘We are dropouts from society, useless dregs who make no contribution, so it is inevitable that people will look at us strangely and with contempt.’
    • ‘The study was limited by the dropout rate and has not been duplicated.’
    • ‘And there is a dropout rate of about 40 per cent and no guarantees that after students get their post-secondary education that they are going to stay in British Columbia to use it.’
    • ‘A major limitation of this study is the high dropout rate; 74% of subjects dropped out before completing the entire period of maximum medication dose.’
    • ‘Thus, the studies use either dropout rates, graduation rates, or college-attendance figures to shed light on the effects of competition.’
    • ‘Previous studies of marital therapy dropout have reported rates ranging from 15% to 58%.’
    • ‘Even in the study situation, the dropout rate was high, attributed primarily to noncompliance with protocols.’
    • ‘Another potential limitation of this study was the dropout rate, with 30% of subjects failing to complete all three treatment arms.’
    • ‘For example, administrators track dropout rates from particular courses, and sometimes intervene when these rates increase.’
    • ‘Today the dropout rate is 2 percent, and 80 percent of graduates go on to higher education, some at schools like Princeton, Dartmouth and Stanford.’
    • ‘It also found that, despite a significant dropout rate, upwards of 87 per cent found their college experience better than expected or as good as they had hoped.’
    • ‘Overall, researchers and practitioners continue to find that community college student dropout rates are significantly higher than those of senior institutions.’
    • ‘Their estimated dropout rate for the class of 2002 was 54 percent, compared with 36 percent for the class of 2003.’
    beatnik, hippy, bohemian, nonconformist, free spirit, avant-gardist, rebel, misfit, outsider, loner, eccentric
    idler, layabout, loafer, lounger, good-for-nothing
    freak, oddball, deadbeat, waster, bum, bad boy
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  • 2Rugby
    The restarting of play with a drop kick.

    • ‘Which of the teams will be the first to take a drop out from under the posts?’
    • ‘Set play includes the scrum, line-out, drop-out, free kick, and penalty kick.’
  • 3A momentary loss of recorded audio signal or an error in reading data on a magnetic tape or disk, usually due to a flaw in the coating.

    • ‘Still, we observe some power fluctuation, beam jitter, and, in some cases, power dropouts, all of which are periodic at the disk rotation frequency.’
    • ‘The researchers also observed a big difference in the number of lost data packets that can contribute to loss of data or voice dropout.’
    • ‘This center channel dropout makes an otherwise great audio mix less than sterling.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there are about a dozen times throughout the concert where there are momentary dropouts in the volume level; abrupt ones that are here and gone in a second or two.’
    • ‘In order to overcome problems of modulation noise and signal dropout at the very high head-to-tape speeds of helical scan recording, it is essential that the tape's magnetic base film be exceptionally smooth.’
    • ‘There were no dropouts, and no noticeable skips or noise added to the music - not that we expected any.’
    • ‘Not to say that I was bowled over by the audio mix, however I didn't notice any dropout or problems.’
    • ‘I must note, however, the presence of a few very brief (less than one second) dropouts in the audio during both the Beethoven Violin Concerto and the Mozart.’
    • ‘The red line in the graphs represents the amount of latency beyond which audio dropouts are perceptible to humans.’
    • ‘Check all the assets are at an acceptable quality - which means spotting anything from digital dropouts to dubbing errors.’
    • ‘The trick is finding the lowest latency setting you can use without getting dropouts in your recording, or clicks and/or pops.’
    • ‘The DDS - 4 backcoating is also very conductive, making it free from dust-attracting electric charges and the dropouts and errors that dust can cause.’
    • ‘The tapes came back overmodulated and mixed to mono, with a 7.5-second audio dropout 26 minutes into the program.’
    • ‘Filled with scratches, dirt, splicing errors, and dropouts, this DVD presentation is a near-VHS version of mixed media malfunctions.’
    • ‘But the recording suffers from numerous dropouts in sound, and comes off thin and harsh.’
    • ‘In our hard-disk recording tests, we ran into a case recording the sixth stereo track where we had a dropout.’
    • ‘Strangely, there were never dropouts with the live mics or guitars, so the malfunction wasn't caused by a limitation in processing power.’
    • ‘Because of the lack of storage inside the unit, the wireless connection used with the Z400 needs to be fairly stable, and able to provide enough bandwidth to stream digital media without stuttering and dropouts.’
    • ‘It's kind of interesting hearing these radio recordings in their original fidelity, pops and dropouts preserved, but what I love about the Indian music I've heard is mostly the bright, shiny side of them.’
    • ‘If you have dropouts, it sends you a smaller stream; if your download finishes, it sends you more data.’
  • 4usually dropoutsA U-shaped slot at the end of a fork or stay on a bicycle, made to receive the axle and enabling the wheel to be changed rapidly.

    • ‘Vibration transferred from car to bike via contact points i.e. fork dropouts.’
    • ‘It was noticed that the front wheel was slightly out of the dropouts and that clouded the issue - was it my fault for a loose front wheel or was there something else wrong.’
    • ‘Now the Nader hooks (wheel retention devices) built into suspension fork dropouts are designed to stop the head of the skewer from coming out without being unscrewed a number of turns.’
    • ‘At the rear it's a 150 mm hub complete with 12 mm bolt though axle, removable dropout and the axle is pinchbolted on as well… a very nice package.’
    • ‘The 1994 Trek 1200 bonded aluminum frame was designed around a 128 mm dropout spacing.’
    • ‘Titanium Shimano cogs are now only available in 9-speed, which are spaced more narrowly than yours and would require different shifters as well as a wider rear dropout spacing on your frame.’
    • ‘Your mechanic will like the clean threads and properly prepped head tube and dropouts - all key to durability and performance.’
    • ‘The company was among the first to deliver carbon steerer tubes on forks, and has now produced a fork entirely in carbon fiber, including the dropouts.’
    • ‘While there's no flashy tube shaping, the smooth welds and machined dropouts are subtly beautiful and universally appreciated by aficionados of Old-World styling.’
    • ‘The $1575 frame boasts 3 / 2.5 Ti main tubes with 6/4 dropouts, bottom bracket and headtube.’
    • ‘The geometry, size and shape of dropouts and lower legs varies so much on forks that a universal adapter would fit badly on all but the one fork for which it was designed.’
    • ‘Here is my take on the issue of roof racks and the stress they cause on forks and their dropouts.’
    • ‘Take note of how easily the rear wheel slips into the dropouts.’
    • ‘Details such as the dropouts, the suspension upright and the forward shock mount are not as elegant.’
    • ‘The dropouts therefore have a pivoting plug on the upper end that is bonded inside of the seatstay.’
    • ‘I find this quite annoying as tightening the wheel in the track dropouts puts addition pressure on the bearings making it difficult to adjust.’
    • ‘The frame fits tires up to 700x38c, while rear dropout spacing is 130 mm.’
    • ‘The frame's finish quality is the best we've ever seen, flawless from carbon head tube to carbon dropout.’
    • ‘The dropouts are always bonded in, of course, but the carbon steering tubes are generally bonded in as well.’
    • ‘Also note that, for 2004, the Trek 2300 does use bonded dropouts that are dedicated to each frame size.’