Definition of drop off in English:

drop off

phrasal verb

  • Fall asleep easily, especially without intending to.

    ‘struggle as she might, she kept dropping off’
    • ‘Once I had the bed made, I quickly dropped off to sleep.’
    • ‘By around 7: 30 she's normally getting a bit tired again, so we lie next to her and hug her until she drops off for a nap.’
    • ‘But even dropping off for a moment can be time enough for someone to go through your bag to see if you are wealthier than you look.’
    • ‘As well as trying to outdo each other, the contestants must also work as a team because the prize pot decreases every time one of them drops off.’
    • ‘I turned over, punched the pillow into a new comfort zone, and dropped off just about instantly.’
    • ‘Punctuating his statement with a yawn, he leaned back, almost immediately dropping off to sleep.’
    • ‘Every time he dropped off for a snooze she'd set the doll to screech and stick it near his ear.’
    • ‘Scott Cameron had spent the evening watching TV and had happily chatted to his sister Caroline before dropping off to sleep.’
    • ‘And every time someone drops off to sleep, the prize money falls.’
    • ‘Help your baby feel safe and secure with plenty of loving attention throughout the day so she can drop off more easily.’
    fall asleep, go to sleep, get to sleep, have a nap, catnap, drowse
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