Definition of drogue parachute in English:

drogue parachute


  • A small parachute used as a brake or to pull out a larger parachute or other object from an aircraft in flight or a fast-moving vehicle.

    • ‘Traveling at 11 kilometers per second, the capsule will gradually slow down over the next four minutes as it crosses over Idaho and Nevada, then deploy a drogue parachute as it closes in on its landing site in the Utah desert.’
    • ‘For landing, a drogue parachute, installed in the tail of the fuselage, is connected to the spring loaded tail cone ejection plate.’
    • ‘They would fly a few feet over the drop zone and then deploy the cargo using a small drogue parachute.’
    • ‘The first results of the inspection of the payload and the analysis of telemetry and tracking data indicated that the drogue parachute did not succeed to pull the main parachute out of its canister.’
    • ‘The drogue parachute deploys first and then the main parachute is released.’