Definition of drift net in English:

drift net


  • A large net for herring and similar fish, kept upright by weights at the bottom and floats at the top and allowed to drift with the tide.

    • ‘Recently, US laws to protect endangered Asian sea turtles from shrimp nets and dolphins from drift nets have been successfully challenged at the WTO.’
    • ‘Fishing will be restricted to boats not exceeding 40 ft in overall length using drift nets with a minimum mesh size of 54 mm in accordance with EC Regulation 850 / 98.’
    • ‘The removal of drift nets is just one element of national strategy that must be put in place to save the Irish salmon, but it is a vital element.’
    • ‘Yes, there are other contributing factors such as global warming, pollution, predation and angling, but the single largest impactor is the drift net.’
    • ‘It's the gill nets though, and drift nets we find, the really, really large ones, and they're the ones we're most concerned about actually.’
    • ‘Over-fishing results in decimated fish populations, whilst dolphins and whales become trapped in drift nets.’
    • ‘Mr Fitzgerald said two-thirds of salmon were caught at sea by drift net while salmon angling had deteriorated over a number of years.’
    • ‘As regarding all rivers connected to the Tweed, hopes remain high that the buying-out of Northumberland drift nets will see a bigger run of fish on all rivers connected to the Tweed.’
    • ‘He combs Japan's northern beaches for hand-blown glass floats used by Japanese, Russian and Korean fishermen to keep drift nets from sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘But every year, several hundred whales and dolphins are killed by the drift nets that catch the prized fish.’
    • ‘Tags are colour coded by method of capture (red for salmon caught in drift nets, green for salmon caught in draft nets and blue for salmon caught on rod and line).’
    • ‘In just a century, commercial fishing has evolved from single-hooked lines and hand-cast nets to enormous trawl nets, drift nets that are miles long, and ‘longline’ gear with thousands of hooks hanging from a single boat.’
    • ‘The great white shark was caught in a drift net - a highly controversial means of fishing - off Santa Barbara in California.’
    • ‘Acting like a huge drift net and manoeuvred on the basis of intelligence, these ‘wolf-packs' covered a wide area of open ocean.’
    • ‘On reaching the wreck, he became totally enwrapped in netting, some of it seemingly an abandoned monofilament drift net.’
    • ‘He said the vessel, which flew both Indonesian and Thai flags, carried a drift net some six miles wide.’
    • ‘I have outlined in detail a proposal whereby the numbers fishing with draft and drift nets for salmon could be seriously reduced.’
    • ‘The annual report from the North Western Regional Fisheries Board says the share of the catch taken in drift nets decreased from 78 per cent in 2001 to 76 per cent in 2002.’
    • ‘Ireland is the only country in Europe and North America that allows drift nets as a commercial fishing method for salmon.’
    • ‘However drift nets and long-line fisheries kill thousands of birds each year.’


  • drift netting

      • ‘It means 52 out of the 68 remaining coastal netsmen have accepted a voluntary compensation scheme to quit drift netting in order to support the conservation of salmon stocks.’
      • ‘The EU Commission put together a package back in 1998 to compensate the eighteen vessel owners and their crews for their losses when the EU Commission introduced regulations banning tuna fishing by drift netting.’
      • ‘The main reason for this threat is off shore salmon drift netting.’
      • ‘We cannot allow the drift netting to continue while our angling tourism industry collapses around us.’
      • ‘They want an end to mix stock fishery, which will in effect be an end to drift netting at sea.’


drift net