Definition of dressing in English:



  • 1mass noun A sauce for salads, typically one consisting of oil and vinegar with herbs or other flavourings.

    ‘vinaigrette dressing’
    mass noun ‘sprinkle each salad lightly with dressing’
    • ‘Maybe I should carry a little jar of hot fudge around with me, the way that some people carry around their own hot sauce or salad dressing.’
    • ‘It can be used in tea, as a substitute for brown sugar, for salad dressing, and for many other great things.’
    • ‘Other enemies of silver include table salt, olives, salad dressing, eggs, vinegar and fruit juices.’
    • ‘Chopped and mixed with salad dressing and pickles, Spam made a passable deviled ham.’
    • ‘A dash serving of full-fat salad dressing is one tablespoon.’
    • ‘What's in your bottled salad dressing and mayonnaise?’
    • ‘A fresh herb in any salad dressing really makes it sparkle.’
    • ‘It has a malty taste which may be disliked in salad dressing but appreciated in pickles.’
    • ‘That's just a few cookies or 2 tablespoons of salad dressing, but it can add up to losing 20 pounds in one year.’
    • ‘Now I end up with large pools of salad dressing and cream sauce on my plate, where it has run off my lettuce leaves and meat.’
    • ‘But sugar is also in a lot of other places you may never even suspect - smoothies, salad dressing, iced tea, spaghetti sauce, even soup!’
    • ‘But it offers one more reason to eat seafood a few times a week without worrying that the soy oil in your salad dressing will cancel out the seafood's benefits.’
    • ‘A handful of potato chips or a tablespoon of salad dressing each has about 100 calories.’
    • ‘Then flavour with crushed garlic, tomato purée, chilli or fresh herbs for dips or salad dressing.’
    • ‘The rest - salad dressing, ketchup, mustard - is too mundane to mention.’
    • ‘We do have a home made, sugar free mint sauce and a home made oil and fat free vinaigrette salad dressing.’
    • ‘Make your own salad dressing - simple olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Dijon mustard whisked together is better than most prepared dressings.’
    • ‘And you can have some unsaturated fats like salad dressing, cooking oil, nuts, and avocado.’
    • ‘Stay with vinegar-and-oil salad dressing, and when in doubt, ask for it on the side.’
    • ‘Below is a suggestion for a homemade honey mustard salad dressing.’
    sauce, relish, condiment, dip, flavouring
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    1. 1.1North American Stuffing.
      ‘turkey with apple dressing’
      • ‘I can't decide whether to have the traditional turkey and dressing, or to maybe do something like beef tenderloin.’
      • ‘It's the reason so many of us end Thanksgiving dinner stuffed with turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes, but somehow manage to find room for pie.’
      • ‘Start turkey and dressing five hours before you expect to serve dinner.’
      • ‘Turkey and dressing are not on our list of dyes, but cranberries make a beautiful pink and red dye.’
      • ‘I'll be enjoying tomorrow with my family, eating way too much turkey and dressing, along with some fine sides and desserts.’
      filling, forcemeat, farce, salpicon
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  • 2A piece of material used to cover and protect a wound.

    ‘an antiseptic dressing’
    • ‘Then he covered it up with a soft dressing to keep the wound clean.’
    • ‘The new facility in Gargrave will be used to develop new advanced wound dressings and other new items.’
    • ‘The fibers are also being used in dressings for wounds.’
    • ‘The text covers aseptic technique, local and topical anesthesia, wound dressings, sutures, and suturing techniques.’
    • ‘At Strathclyde University, researchers have developed wound dressings and stitches containing waterborne viruses that kill the bacteria.’
    • ‘To ease his pain, morphine was administered and the medic started to apply a field dressing to the neck wound.’
    • ‘More recently, it was used in both world wars as an oral medicine for battlefield infections and as a wound dressing.’
    • ‘A silver-ion material that prevents bacterial contamination has been used as an additive in a medical foam for wound dressings.’
    • ‘Stitches will hold it in place and, after covering the wound with a dressing, he can go back to work.’
    • ‘Surgical dressings are covered for as long as they are medically necessary.’
    • ‘He undid the loose shirt he wore and showed her the angry red scars of the recently healed wounds and the dressings that still covered the deeper wounds.’
    • ‘Make sure if you have open or infected wounds that these are kept covered with a waterproof dressing.’
    • ‘Often, the wound will be covered with a dressing but left open to heal, especially if it is more than 6 hours old, as this is the best way to prevent infection.’
    • ‘Charges for supplies used to clean the wound and reapply wound dressings, as noted on the home care progress notes, were estimated using a single distributor's price list for the first year of the study.’
    • ‘When the operation is complete, the incisions are closed with stitches and the four small wounds are covered with dressings.’
    • ‘Visitors are also to be told not to touch wound dressings, drips and monitors of the person they are visiting.’
    • ‘According to Wells, use of the silver-ion formulations in wound dressings, urinary catheters, and other medical products can help to reduce infection.’
    • ‘For an acute burn which will be referred to a burn centre, cling film is an ideal dressing as it protects the wound, reduces heat and evaporative losses, and does not alter the wound appearance.’
    • ‘Care of the skin, good hygiene, control of skin diseases such as tinea pedis, and careful antiseptic dressings after minor wounds are all important.’
    • ‘The wound is covered with a sterile dressing, and the surgeon or nurse will tell you how to look after it until it's healed.’
    bandage, covering, plaster, gauze, lint, compress, ligature, swathe, poultice, salve
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  • 3mass noun Size or stiffening used in the finishing of fabrics.

    ‘fabrics finished with dressing will work successfully when cut an inch wide’
    • ‘It is important to ensure that the dressing is rubbed well into the fabric, and not allowed to remain thickly on the surface.’
    • ‘Most shoemakers work in big factories where conditions are usually unhealthy because of the noise and working with chemical substances such as glues, solvents and dressings.’
  • 4A fertilizing substance such as compost or manure spread over or ploughed into land.

    ‘a dressing of blood, fish, and bone’
    • ‘Give fruit trees and bushes a dressing of autumn fertiliser, low in nitrogen but high in potassium and phosphorous.’
    • ‘My ground was prepared exactly the same for both, same amount of stable manure, everything except the side dressing of Nitrate of Soda on one and not on the other.’
    • ‘This plant is a heavy feeder, so a side dressing of compost every four to six weeks will give you optimum results.’
    • ‘Feed with a high nitrogen fertilizer, and add side dressings of compost or aged manure to the soil to help promote rapid growth.’
    • ‘A light dressing of fertiliser in the middle of April will help to get the lawn going.’
    • ‘My task is the opposite of the big hammer approach - sweeping, cleaning, and applying autumn dressing and mulches to those plants that need it.’
    • ‘A heavier than normal fertilizer dressing should be applied on paddocks that didn't receive nitrogen after the last grazing.’
    • ‘Heavy feeders, sunflowers appreciate a side dressing of compost or fertilizer during the growing season.’
    fertilizer, mulch
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