Definition of dredger in English:



  • A boat designed for dredging harbours or other bodies of water.

    • ‘Ferry bosses have praised the eight-month jail sentence handed down to the captain of a dredger that smashed into the pier.’
    • ‘This shipyard has been chosen by the owners of three Irish mussel dredgers to build their new vessels.’
    • ‘A report into the tragic sinking of the scallop dredger two years ago will be sent to the Isle of Man's Attorney-General shortly.’
    • ‘He pointed out that the dredger was a slow ship and could only sail with the tide.’
    • ‘Other displays around the base featured merchant marine activities - from dredgers to cruise liners - diving past and present, the fishing industry, marine sport, traditional skills and the environment.’
    • ‘Historically, ports tended to have a dedicated dredger or fleet of dredgers to carry out the work required.’
    • ‘The dredger and the barges are close to the beach.’
    • ‘Later in the morning the air sea rescue helicopter arrived at the scene, responding to the mussel dredger's satellite emergency beacon.’
    • ‘They were used to repair large ocean-going liners, tugs and dredgers over the years.’
    • ‘The Lord Cochrane, one of five dredgers used in the area during WW2, was sunk in 1950.’
    • ‘The contract, which could bring skilled jobs to the area for two years, is to supply dredgers, tugs and barges to the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority for use on the country's river roads.’