Definition of dreamy in English:



  • 1Having a magical or pleasantly unreal quality; dreamlike.

    ‘the atmosphere is tranquil and dreamy’
    ‘a slow dreamy melody’
    • ‘The result, lush ambient-pop-rock tunes filled with intricate melodies that go from dreamy to heavy without ever ceasing to intrigue.’
    • ‘The lyric is a come-on, not a confession, but it's easy to be tricked into thinking otherwise by the earnest vocals and the dreamy keyboard melody.’
    • ‘This particular cover is I think better than the original - it is beautiful, slow and haunting and works perfectly with the dreamy quality of the film.’
    • ‘Veda has a tight grip on melody, mixing dreamy guitar work with crashing drums and painfully self-aware lyrics.’
    • ‘With all the other, regular, light switches turned to off; it made the room look magical and dreamy.’
    • ‘But her voice, fairy-like though it is, is strong and has a unique dreamy quality to it that lends itself to a variety of different songs.’
    • ‘Illuminated only by moonlight, pale flowers and foliage add a dreamy, ethereal quality to the garden.’
    • ‘I'm pulled, whirling through the water free and weightless, and the movements take on a dreamy quality, as if I'm in slow motion.’
    • ‘The screen music, too, has dreamy and hypnotic qualities to mirror the cinematography.’
    • ‘It really is a good movie, engrossing, touching and funny all in one in the pleasantly dreamy, melancholic way only the French can manage.’
    • ‘Related landscape drawings in white charcoal and colored pencil on black paper convey a dreamy quality, as if the flowers were phosphorescent growths on a sunless asteroid.’
    • ‘The songs merge a Gomez-like quirkiness, dreamy melodies and harmonies to die for.’
    • ‘To the dreamy melody of a Beethoven piano sonata, a child-like model rummaged through a trunk overflowing with clothes on a set designed as a girl's bedroom.’
    • ‘This soft palette accentuates the dreamy, languorous quality of the story and makes this film one of the most visually elegant of early three-strip Technicolor works.’
    • ‘Having said that the template of beats, cut up vocals and dreamy melodies remains the same.’
    • ‘Both had such a luxurious, dreamy quality to them.’
    • ‘Carving evocative melodies within dreamy sound structures, he seems to work on a recurring theme all the way through.’
    • ‘While maintaining their dreamy melodies and laid-back grooves, the duo have deserted their trademark kids' TV samples and the like, for something more grown up.’
    • ‘What appears like rumpled sheets invokes a more dreamy quality; not at all like the unblinking gaze of her fellow painter.’
    • ‘Used sensibly it does impart a dreamy quality, and it is worthwhile trying this effect on young ladies, or even to isolate one single flower in a garden.’
    dreamlike, vague, dim, hazy, shadowy, misty, faint, indistinct, unclear
    gentle, tranquil, peaceful, relaxing, soothing, calming, lulling, romantic
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    1. 1.1informal Delightful; gorgeous.
      ‘I bet he was really dreamy’
      • ‘The remainder of the movie relates Daphne's quest to meet and form a relationship with her father, and the story of her falling in love with a dreamy British boy.’
      • ‘If Amari thought green eyes were dreamy… well, so much the better!’
      • ‘Remember, Shannon is shallow, and likes only those dreamy guys, who are gorgeous.’
      • ‘He has gorgeous black hair, and these dreamy blue eyes.’
      • ‘Instead, we're left with a series of bizarre vignettes, all told from the perspective of a group of boys, who are fascinated with the blonde, dreamy sisters.’
      • ‘But while the most appealing of clowns is Pierrot, pale, lean and dreamy, with cooks, at least until recently, the popular one was the fat guy.’
      • ‘Arrigo was also dark, but his features were outlined by a sort of delicate grace that had evolved from adorable to dreamy as he'd grown up.’
      wonderful, marvellous, terrific, fabulous, lovely, delightful
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  • 2Given to or indulging in daydreaming.

    ‘a dreamy boy who grew up absorbed in poetry’
    • ‘I awoke in a swirly world of snug pillows and dreamy thoughts.’
    • ‘Shane snapped out of his dreamy mood and took a glance at his hand.’
    • ‘Very few of them were her fault, and in many ways she was dealing with them quite courageously, but, sadly, she had absorbed the dreamy attitude to keeping appointments that is commonplace to people on the dole, and she didn't show up.’
    • ‘Gerhard, a quiet dreamy boy, found himself attracted to the conventicles, but although he heard numerous gospel sermons, his mind remained confused and his heart untouched.’
    • ‘He's a dreamy boy, in love with Zubeida, who comes from a wealthier background.’
    • ‘This dreamy mood has characterised my relationship with pop culture over the last few days.’
    • ‘But intensity of any sort has to be inferred rather than directly experienced; both men act in a dreamy though mostly unsmiling reverie.’
    • ‘Later that night, I was dropped off at my car and drove to get gas in a rather dreamy mood.’
    • ‘I was sitting in the rooms of the Analytical Society, at Cambridge, my head leaning forward on the table in a kind of dreamy mood, with a table of logarithms lying open before me.’
    • ‘These are the kind of observations that we are expected to swallow in a story which seeks to successfully bind a sophisticated narrator together with a dreamy young boy.’
    • ‘Left alone, Buck shook his head briskly to clear it from his vague dreamy thoughts and crawled from the cave.’
    • ‘After that, I began to hear snippets from other people; most said you were a dreamy child and grew into a dreamy, but fairly responsible adolescent.’
    • ‘Tom is a dreamy boy, and Nora rationalizes that he will not make it in the business world because of his lack of ‘push’.’
    • ‘The same might be said for pleasant feelings: while meditating one might feel sleepy and dreamy, and one is moved automatically to follow and indulge such feelings.’
    • ‘There's no easy way fully to understand the mental processes of a dreamy minded kid, though, especially one who was of poetic leanings.’
    • ‘Baxter remains ambitious, but it is not the type to simply indulge in dreamy long-term planning.’
    • ‘Stefan's fingers and body grow tenser and tenser as the music reaches its climax, and Lisa's mood changes from dreamy to annoyed to worried as Stefan gets entangled in a difficult passage.’
    • ‘I was in a dreamy, giggly mood and Calvin had traces of lipstick on his lips.’
    • ‘He wasn't sure he saw the point of the special CD, but Andrew claimed that every girl liked it because it put them in a dreamy romantic mood.’
    • ‘At Fraserburgh Academy, the gentle, sweet-natured, dreamy boy filled jotters with costume designs and drawings, some of which are on loan to the exhibition.’
    daydreaming, dreaming
    idealistic, romantic, starry-eyed, impractical, unrealistic, utopian, quixotic, out of touch with reality
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