Definition of drawer in English:



  • 1A box-like storage compartment without a lid, made to slide horizontally in and out of a desk, chest, or other piece of furniture.

    • ‘Behind two panels is a home entertainment center with storage compartments and drawers above and below.’
    • ‘Keep a jar of almonds in a desk drawer and have two dozen nuts and a small piece of fruit instead of a candy bar when an afternoon slump hits.’
    • ‘He clutched the knotted mass that was his stomach and reached inside his desk drawer for a bottle of the pink stuff.’
    • ‘Full of excitement at his own daring, he searched the desk drawers for an envelope and placed the letter inside.’
    • ‘She quietly slid her desk drawer back in after she pulled out the lone picture which had occupied that space for several months.’
    • ‘On the first floor, a galleried landing leads through to a bathroom and four bedrooms, the smallest of which is currently used as a study and has a fitted desk, drawers and storage.’
    • ‘I unlocked your desk drawer and found your pack of evidence.’
    • ‘She took a bag from inside a drawer in the desk next to the bookshelves.’
    • ‘With a malevolence smile, she opened her desk drawer and pulled out a piece of parchment and a feather.’
    • ‘My producer reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a few pieces of paper held together with a paper clip.’
    • ‘Jim made another sweep of the room, opening the drawers on the writing desk.’
    • ‘For work, one of the chest's ten drawers served as a desk.’
    • ‘Taking in his bookcases and desk drawers, I realized that there could be a treasure trove of escape items.’
    • ‘The one-off piece of furniture has central drawers that swing round on ball bearings to reveal secret compartments, and features intricate markings.’
    • ‘The animated effect looks a little like a drawer sliding into a chest.’
    • ‘He sighed and produced an envelope from a drawer in his desk.’
    • ‘Together the pair will sift through drawers, cupboards and storage places in a bid to turn your old junk, clutter and rubbish in hard cash for something special.’
    • ‘When the candy was in their desk drawer, they ate only six pieces; when it was out of sight six feet from the desk, they averaged just four.’
    • ‘From one of the drawers in her desk she pulled out a yellowing piece of paper.’
    • ‘He reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a green piece of cloth.’
  • 2humorous, dated Knickers or underpants.

    ‘Queen Victoria was notoriously careless with her drawers’
    • ‘The heavy petticoats, stockings and thin chemise and drawers were bad enough.’
    • ‘If you are unfamiliar with the term, it does not refer to the first pair of drawers out of the underwear factory.’
    • ‘I glanced down, noted I was dressed in cotton breeches and a silk shirt along with my corset and drawers, and sprung out from between the silk sheets.’
    • ‘The undergarments included stockings, petticoats, drawers, and a corset.’
  • 3A person who produces a drawing or design.

    • ‘The fact that these three are expert drawers and painters doesn't hurt either.’
    • ‘You've spoken about being a drawer, painter, writer too, as well as composer.’
    • ‘The drawer's signature will be executed just above it.’
    • ‘Jordy had always been a good drawer, he could draw trees amazingly.’
    1. 3.1A person who writes a cheque.
      ‘the banker would have rights as holder to pursue the drawer’
      • ‘Neither the drawer of the cheque nor the original payee consented to the alteration of the payee.’
      • ‘The bank was held liable to the drawer of the cheque, who sued as the true owner.’
      • ‘She said she could not remember the identity of the drawer of the cheque, nor whether it was payable to cash.’
      • ‘Secondly, the effect of a decision to meet the cheque will be to cause the other account holder to stand as surety for a debt created by the drawer of the cheque.’
      • ‘Even if banks have permitted drawings against the cheque, they will not be able to sue the drawer on a dishonoured cheque in the event of being unable to recover from their own customer.’
      • ‘When payments were made by cheque, the thing in action represented by the cheque belonged to the payee not the drawer.’
      • ‘The bank may either enforce such rights against the drawer of the cheque or other parties liable on it or against its own customer.’
      • ‘A special type of case arises where the drawer of the cheque and the payee maintain their accounts with the same bank.’


The word drawer is often spelled incorrectly as draw. As a noun, draw chiefly means ‘an act of selecting names randomly to decide winners’ or ‘an even score at the conclusion of a game’, whereas drawer mainly means ‘a sliding storage compartment’